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No one wants to have a sallow complexion, acne and extra pounds hanging on the sides. To avoid all this, you need only anything — eat right. But what lies behind the words "right" food?


How food affects our appearance? What foods make us beautiful, and what other way around? How to distribute the diet during the day, so as not to put on weight? These and other questions are answered Mariyat Mukhina — physician reflexologist, MD, Ph.D. and author of the procedure Golden Needle ®.


— Mariyat, you could look at a person and determine whether it eats?

I agree with the expression: "We — what we eat", all the errors of our food are reflected on the exterior. How much a person eats a balanced, first of all, I will tell him the skin and mucous membranes. For example, if the mucous membranes are pale, it means that the diet is not enough meat or products of iron and vitamins are responsible for blood formation. The excess carotene — say, too many carrots or citrus — gives jaundiced skin tone. Abuse of fatty food can be determined by the eyes — around the iris appears cholesterol "hoop".

— As you can tell by the hair?

Dim weakened hair and brittle nails absolutely suggest the body lacks vitamins, fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is possible that this person is, basically, eats fast food or recently sat on the rapid diet.

— You seem to have a negative attitude to express diets?

Yes. This is the most unbalanced diet, which is a serious blow not only in appearance but also in health.

— They say if you have a lot of sweet spots are …

This statement is not entirely true .. In the appearance of acne (pimples) is guilty hormonal failure — an excess of androgens — male hormones — in the body. They cause increased production of sebum and clogging of the sebaceous glands. However, unbalanced diet and lack of vitamins, especially vitamin A, can cause inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Weakened by a lack of vital substances the immune system weakens and no longer cope with the germs that are on the skin, and we have millions. Multiply uncontrollably in the sebaceous glands, the bacteria cause an inflammatory response — and there are inflammatory elements.

—  What foods can spoil the appearance?

They are few: alcohol, fried, flour and sweets. Everything else on the exterior will not be reflected, above all, to have a balanced diet and foods — fresh, good quality, without chemicals or preservatives. And do not overeat, or spoil the beauty of the excess weight.

— You keep talking about the balance of power. What do you mean by that?

A sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

— And how much fat, protein and carbohydrates man enough in the day to avoid overeating?

Healthy human daily need 1 gram of pure protein per kilogram of body weight. In protein product contains on average about 30% pure protein. So, with the weight of, say, 60 pounds should eat 200 grams of protein products. Rate of carbohydrate — 600 grams a day. It is desirable that two thirds of them were fruits and vegetables — they contain the necessary body fat. A sufficient amount of fat — 2-3 teaspoons a day.

And you need every day, all that count? It's easy! That would have made any menu to tasty, useful and not get better!

It's already made up. I invite you all to the site clinic ORIGITEYA ® in the section "Fly Diet ®», where you can find a variety of recipes for delicious and healthy low-calorie meals.

— It so happens that people like to eat right but still does not look. Especially in the morning. Why?

Our appearance depends not only on, what we eat, but also on when we eat. For example, if a person does not have breakfast, lunch and a snack in the "loaded" in the evening, it will look tired, you will be swelling in the morning.

— How to plan your meals for the day?

"Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy" — this wisdom attributed to Suvorov, but in fact it belongs to the Greeks. The ancient Greeks were affected by the physiology of digestion. In the morning all the enzymes are activated and the body needs "fuel", so sitting to close. Lunch calories should not be much more than breakfast. Supper should not 5-6 hours later, and preference should be given to starchy foods. Proteins in the evening to eat undesirable because the enzymes are "rest."

— Usually we do the opposite: go to work without having breakfast and in the evening — eating one's fill …

… And thus create stress on the body. The first half of the day, instead of spending the calories from the food we burn domestic stocks. In the evening, overloading the body food that we can not learn. As a result, we have food in the morning, "intoxication": we swollen and broken. Acting against nature, we thus worsen their health. And no matter how we tried to rejuvenate and improve your health, if life does not correspond to biological processes, the good will not be enough.

— Mariyat, you talked about how, with the help of nutrition can improve the appearance. What about cosmetic procedures?

They are also needed. In our clinic ORIGITEYA ®, oriented treatment of excess weight by my author's methodology Golden Needle®, beauty treatments are also used.

— What is it?

First, our know-how — akupukturny lifting. It can be used to tighten the skin, sagging after weight loss that is very important to our patients, to smooth wrinkles, improve the complexion, improve skin elasticity. In conjunction with microcurrents on acupuncture points is particularly effective. Second, LPG — vacuum-roller massage for lymphatic drainage and lifting and other hardware techniques. In addition, we have recently expanded the range of cosmetic services: now we have all the latest beauty treatments, ranging from diamond peels, mesotherapy and finishing with contouring, as well as programs for well-known cosmetic lines.

Now we can not only lose weight but also prettier.

Source: Clinic ORIGITEYA ®

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