Mesotherapy as the method appeared in Europe for nearly half a century ago. The charges stemmed from a situation where a patient who was subcutaneously administered anesthetic, simultaneously improve the skin and smooth out wrinkles. This was followed by scientific experiments and studies, drugs have been developed, and cosmetologists take this affordable and effective method for service.

How to apply?

The essence of mesotherapy is that the medical cocktail, the composition of which depends issues microscopic doses injected into the desired area on the middle level of the dermis (mesoderm), i.e. a depth of 3-4 mm, and acts directly on the problem area. Whereas in conventional injection or pill medication works the entire body, and the target position it reaches only a tiny fraction, which reflects badly on the effectiveness of treatment.

Mesotherapy conducted by special thin short atraumatic needles. In addition, by themselves injections stimulate the immune system, because in reply to the body exerts its protective reaction. In this case, the role playing needle. The technique itself seems simple, but in fact a lot of mesotherapy its subtleties: Which drug enter, where, in any amount as deep as time, etc.

What's going on?

The main secret Mesotherapy that it has a narrow focus on burning fat various newfangled acids. Adjusted the exchange process, improves the function of the liver and gall bladder, bile ducts cleaned to dissolve small stones in the liver and kidneys, are disappearing small vessels that are visible under the skin, getting better blood circulation, lymph circulation, cholesterol and lipid metabolism, simultaneous tightening of the skin, which is important for people who lose a significant amount of his body. Most importantly, a person is blown away before our eyes.

Preparations are selected by the doctor individually, depending on the goal, which is pursued. Duration also depends on the problem, but generally consists of 8-12 treatments. Cocktail absorbed into the skin and acts on fat metabolism: reduced cellulite capsules and broken, skin shrinking.

During one session is entered from 30 to 60 cubes cocktail that can solve the problem radically. Multiple injections are produced automatically, quickly and painlessly. Administrable preparations are prolonged (5-7 days).

Like any phenomenon in mesotherapy has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Relative physiology administrable preparations are non-toxic, which is especially important in our environment.
  • No age restrictions.
  • Lasting effect.
  • Composition can be cut away any area — unlike, for example, body wraps, where the stomach can not use.
  • The almost complete absence of contraindications.


  • As with any operation, there may be redness, injection marks and slight tingling sensation during the injection cocktail.
  • For some cocktails (including cellulite) is contraindicated cholelithiasis as the stones can start moving due to the fact that the basis of the drug has a choleretic effect.

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