Meteorite fell on the roof of a residential building near Paris


While repairing the roof of the wizard has detected a hole pierced by shrapnel meteorite — told Cometti. Photo:

11.10.11.Oskolki meteorite the size of a hen's egg, weighing 88 grams struck the roof of a residential building near Paris. Residents at the time were on holiday, told German magazine Spiegel on October 10.

Every day on the ground fell almost 100 tons of rock from space, including about two dozen common large pieces, most of them burned in the atmosphere as a shooting star. Very rarely people witness a meteorite. 39-year-old Frenchwoman Martin Cometti found on the roof of his house, near Paris, greetings from space. While repairing the roof of the master noticed a hole pierced by shrapnel meteorite — told Cometti. They also found the stones.

Expert on meteorites Alan Carion investigated over the weekend stones, which supposedly 4 billion years. He said that this is a very rare event: in 400 years, France has found only about 50 of these meteorites, but none in the suburbs of Paris.

Splinter, damaging the roof of the family Cometti, was the size of a chicken egg and weighing 88 grams. During his fall, the family was on vacation, so no one noticed. "Meteorite — it is so fabulous and more unlikely than winning the lottery," — said Martin Cometti newspaper Le Parisien.

In past years, the fall of meteorites have been observed in different countries: in June 2004, a piece weighing 1.3 kg fell on a house in New Zealand. In March 2003, a stone rain damaged the building in Chicago. The year before, a British Shibhon Cauthen Street fell under the feet of red-hot stone, the size of a fist. "This is not very often the case in Northallerton," — commented on the find at the time 14-year-old girl. Over Germany in April 2002, at the height of 22 km split meteorite, called Neuschwanstein, from which rain fell fragments.


Source: The Epoch Times

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