Meteorite rain over San Francisco

February 16, 2013. Followed by a meteor that landed in Chelyabinsk, astronomers and residents Dignity-Francisco were able to watch the meteor rain over the peninsula «Bay Area» last night.

Social network users reported seeing a blue flash of a meteor at 8 pm on Friday, meteors could watch around «Bay Area», and even in the central cities of the valley, Fresno and Stockton.

Gerald Mc Keegan, asmtronom from the space center in Auckland, said that the center had free access to large telescopes, but none of the visitors did not see anything unusual. However center the whole day was getting phone calls from people who reported seeing meteor, flying westward in this evening.

According to the text messages, he suggests that it was a phenomenon that astronomers call a "sporadic meteor"Often can be watch over the ocean, away from human eyes, like meteors bring about fifteen thousand tons of debris to Earth each year.

Meteors, pieces of stone and metal from space that falls to Earth, often burned as move through the Earth's atmosphere, causing a bright flash of light that observed residents Dignity-Francisco.

Most likely, it was less than a meteorite that landed in the Bay Area in October, and the result was a loud bang when he fell, broke into pieces, left a trail of rocks, which are considered by meteorites, Mack added Keegan.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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