Methods for the treatment of psoriasis: therapeutic bath

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At home, you have a wonderful effect on the healing baths on medicinal plants to be taken under medical supervision. The most widespread conifer, sage and bath tubs from flax seeds. For the preparation of such baths require extracts or dried rubbed that are sold in pharmacies.

Pine bath

Pine bath is prepared as follows. In 200 g of water was dissolved 100 ml of liquid natural conifer extract or a preform (50 g) and stirring thoroughly. Using appropriate briquetted pine extract first dissolve it in a small amount of hot water, and then bring the water to the desired volume, in accordance with the doctor's recommendation. The temperature of the bath should be 35-37 degrees. Duration of treatment 10-15 Minutes.

It is necessary to take baths every day or every other day. The treatment course of 15-20 baths. Sometimes baths are used for the preparation of pine buds. They take the rate of 50 g per 1 liter of water. Kidneys are boiled for 30-60 minutes in a water bath, filtered and poured into a bowl of water at a temperature of 36-38 degrees. These baths are very useful for palmar-plantar psoriasis.

The therapeutic effect of providing a bath of freshly cut pine branches. Pour boiling water over the branches. After cooling to 37-38 ° water bath immersed in a hand or foot for 30 minutes. After the procedure, hands or legs wrapped up and go to bed for 30 minutes. The procedure is performed every 2 days. Course of treatment 5-7 baths.

Valeriannovye bath

Often, as a remedy for baths used setwell. Its effects are slow but fairly steady. Patients disappearing sense of tension, irritability. The dosage of valerian bathrooms: 50-75 ml of tincture or fluid extract of valerian on the volume of the bath for an adult. The temperature of the bath should be 35-37 degrees.

Duration of treatment for 10-15 minutes. Baths do every day. The course of treatment is 10-15 baths.

In the complex treatment Psoriasis widely used mixed — coniferous valerian — baths containing pine extract and tincture of valerian. In their application the patient improves overall health, ECG, normal lipid metabolism, which occupies an important place in the mechanism of the development of psoriasis. Dosage coniferous valerian bathrooms: 50 ml pine extract and 50-75 ml of tincture of valerian.

Sage bath

Sage baths have antimicrobial, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, which served as the basis for their use in slow-flowing forms of psoriasis. As a therapeutic plant used the leaves of the plant. To prepare the sage bath 100 g of dry grinding plant material pour 1 liter of tap water, boil for 60 minutes. The resulting mixture was infused for days and filtered through cheesecloth. The filtered broth was poured into the bath.

Linen bath    

Baths of flaxseed have overlying anti-inflammatory properties, which facilitates the patient's condition. They are especially useful for older people and in the presence of itching of the skin. For preparation of such baths take 250 g linseed pour 5 liters of water, brought to a boil, filtered through a cloth, and the resulting broth is added to the bath. These baths are used in moist, exudative forms of psoriasis, the localization of the disease in large folds of skin.

Contraindications to the appointment of the common bathrooms: cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, cardiovascular failure, atherosclerosis, hypertension, severe angina, diabetes, epilepsy, the second half of pregnancy, infections, and fungal skin lesions, etc.

Upon receiving baths based on medicinal plants or products of plant origin requires full bath 200-250 l to sit — 20-30 liters and the foot — 10 liters of water. Bath, used for therapeutic purposes must be enameled or tiled. The patient should lie quietly in the bath, relax your muscles. Under the head is desirable to put a towel. Must lie in the bath so that the water covers the entire body, and the upper part of the chest was left open. After the procedure needs to rest for 30-60 minutes while lying on the couch or sitting in a chair.

Aromatic baths can be prepared in consultation with a doctor from virtually any medicinal plants. Here is one of the many prescriptions. Take 20 g of herb lemon balm, yarrow herb 20 g, 20 g herb wormwood, 20 g rhizome, 15 g herb mint and 40 g of pine or birch buds. All components are poured 1 l of water and boiled for 15 minutes. The resulting broth is filtered and added to the bath. Accepted aroma bath for 10 minutes at 37 degrees in a day as a tonic, usually in the stationary phase of the disease.

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