Mexico is experiencing its coldest winter, and Australia — the hottest day

January 18, 2013. One of the major publications of Mexico printed on the front page of a sensational article about how thanks to the cold front in the country have come abnormally heavy frosts. In Madera and Sazas Grandes thermometer dropped to £ 13 ° C and? 11 ° C, respectively, which significantly worsened the situation on the road and increased the number of road accidents.

In 63 of the 67 states temperature air dropped below zero, 20 of them frost ranged from zero to No. 6 ° C. This cold is not episodic, and yet one day Mexico will suffer from an unusual cold. The nearest morning in the state of Sonora to register temperature +14 ° C, which beat 42-year-old meteorekord. Did not escape the charm of winter and the capital of the country, there air cooled to +6 ° C thanks to all the same cold front to linger over a Chihuahua.

And at the other end of the world, in the European Croatia, winter sets record another character — by snowfall. The depth of the snow cover, which wrapped up the capital, Zagreb, is 68 cm So much snow has fallen here in just a day. The previous record was 49 cm and treated in 1981. Forecasters are confident that this is not the last snowfall this week.


Canberra and Sydney have experienced the hottest day ever

January 18, 2013. For the two major Australian cities of day January 17 was the hottest day in the history of doing meteozapisey. For Canberra, the thermometer showed +41,6 ° C, while in Sydney temperature passed for +45 ° C. Previous record for the capital was +41,4 ° C and treated January 31, 1968 in Sydney airport has been fixed temperature +46,4 ° C, which is 1.2 degrees higher than the previous record.

The fact that Sydney is literally melts in the sun, and at seven o'clock in the morning air warms up to 20-plus degrees, very disturbing and shocking residents and forecasters. This heat has forced even the experts to include in the temperature map, two new colors denote intervals, lilac for +50 … +52 ° C and rose to +52 … +54 ° C. Previously, no one could not have imagined that the increase in the scale of measurement is the number of divisions.

All around are hoping for an early cold snap that will bring relief and people and animals. Australians have not lost hope that in the next few days in New South Wales will stop the horrific fires. Although it is much less likely, as the flame helps to spread the wind speed of 78 km / h To new lesions do not occur, the people in the state officially prohibited kindle fires or in his yard, or in the countryside.

Currently, the state found 84 grassroots fire, 14 of them have been unable so far to take control. This morning, in day temperature records, a fire in a national park Uarrambangl broke through the constraints of construction and continued to absorb the new space. In Australia, the fire had destroyed 51 houses and burned 45 hectares of land.


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