October 26. The Boeing Company and Research Laboratory U.S. Air Force (AFRL) successfully tested a new type of weapon — a microwave rocket CHAMP. First combat launch was held at the site in Utah.
CHAMP is a new type of non-kinetic weapon — hitting the target is not a direct hit, or high-explosive action. CHAMP — this missile with a set of sensors and a massive microwave transmitter, which is designed to incapacitate various electronics.
During the first combat rocket launch CHAMP performed programmed flight and using massive pulses of microwave radiation killed electrical subsystem target. Other details of the tests are promising a secret weapon developed as part of High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, are unknown. But notes that CHAMP is capable of applying high-frequency microwave blows on countless goals during one mission. In other words, during the 1st launch the missile can hit several cars at once, for example, from the anti-aircraft missile system.
According to managing development programs from CHAMP Keith Coleman, micro rocket marks the latest era in modern warfare: «In the near future, this development can be used for the destruction of electrical and information systems approach opponent before strike aircraft.»
CHAMP missile can really change the appearance of the modern battlefield. Due to absence of collateral damage (not in a rocket warhead explosives), it can be used even in densely populated areas. In addition, CHAMP can affect one run multiple targets at once, which, coupled with modern technology gives attackers homing severe advantage.

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