Migraine: how to live without pain

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Acute headache that is worse in the bright light, loud sounds, odors, nausea, depressed … Many familiar symptoms of a migraine attack, remarkably described in Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita." In the novel, Pontius Pilate, being unable to get rid of painful headaches, cowardly dreamed about poison. Fortunately, these days the medicine has progressed — now there are more progressive ways of dealing with migraines.

Mikhail Bulgakov accidental included in his famous novel, a detailed description of the torment that a person experiences during a migraine attack. The fact that from the same disease for many years suffered and the writer. Experience unsuccessful struggle with migraine was so bitter that Bulgakov not only very realistic described all the symptoms of a migraine, but also clearly expressed the frustration felt by the patient at the time of the attack: "Yes, no doubt about it! This is it, again it invincible, terrible illness hemicrania, in which half a head ache. From her no money, there is no salvation. "

The famous writer uses the word "hemicrania". Translated from the Greek language, it has a value of "half a head" is so named disease in the II century Roman physician Claudius Galen, who noted that most of the patients at the time of the attack have severe throbbing pain on one side is the head.

From the sublime to the patient

Historians of medicine have long paid attention to the fact that from migraines often suffer great men of the past. From historical figures to unilateral headaches complained outstanding generals Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Peter I, and Elizabeth II. Bulgakov company of writers were people like Maupassant, Gogol, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Kafka, Charlotte Bronte and Virginia Woolf. Suffered from migraines and almost all the great composers: Beethoven, Wagner, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and others. Incidentally, not always disease interfere with creativity: a few years ago, the Dutch neurologists have suggested that special creative style Picasso was the fact that the great artist suffered from severe migraines, distorting his perception of space.

However, most modern physicians are skeptical of the idea that migraine — a disease of men of genius. According to their observations, most often the victims of the disease are not geniuses, ambitious and active people who work hard and are often faced with stress and fatigue. Although the scientific evidence that a predisposition to migraine is inherited, the frequency of attacks and their intensity depends on the person's lifestyle.

Unfortunately, modern man always gets in the conditions that trigger migraine attacks. As shown physicians, most risk factors are severe emotional distress and stress, physical stress, audioviziualnaya body burden (TV, constantly working at the computer), lack of sleep, irregular meals, in short, all the things with which the work is regularly confronted tortured modern urbanite . Contribute to the prevalence of migraine and makes global warming: American neuroscientists have recently discovered that the hot weather with low air pressure to exacerbate many patients each temperature increase of 5 degrees increases the risk of migraine by 7.5%.

Disease "retiring"

Before you start to struggle with migraines should first make sure that head hurt because of it. The fact that only 20% of regular headaches associated with migraine, in other cases it is a far more innocuous diagnosis — "tension headache."

Migraine is easy to recognize, there are several symptoms that are typical for this disease. With a sharp throbbing pain of migraine occurs frequently, seizures, each lasting from a few hours to several days. Exacerbation of pain is any movement of the head, touching her, often enhanced by sensitivity to light, sounds, smells, sometimes the pain is accompanied by nausea and impaired vision (even before the attack, a man sees bright spots, flashes, polylines, and then narrows the angle of view). In 70% of cases, only half of the head ache, sometimes with the course attack "Sick" and "healthy" half interchange.

Because of the hereditary nature of the disease particularly attentive to the state should be the ones who have suffered from her close relatives, if migraine have both parents, then a 90% chance it will be with the child. Women suffer from migraines several times more often than men. Most often, the disease first manifests itself when a person is between 18 and 35 years. The one who lived to be 40 years old, never having faced with an attack of migraine can feel safe — at that age your risk is minimal. By the way, at the ripe old age of patients also becomes easier, doctors joke that migraine "Retires with the patient."

With the patient's head — a healthy

Unfortunately, at the moment the doctors continue to treat migraines to incurable diseases. Any methods to get rid of a migraine once and for all is impossible. But there is good news — the migraine attacks can be controlled. Even those whose diagnosis is confirmed, may live for years without seizures, leading a full life. To do this, you need to behave wisely: avoid stress, sleep well, regularly visit the open air, eat right.

Quite a few methods of getting rid of a migraine attack is known in folk medicine. Some patients say that the pain can be reduced if at the time of the attack to the head to make a fresh lemon peel, cleansed of zest, others recommend putting on the whiskey sour cabbage, primotat it to the head with a towel. The effectiveness of these methods has not been evaluated by the official science, but the usefulness of the popular among those suffering from migraines acupuncture has recently been tested in a large-scale study of physicians from Munich. After spending 66 tests on 6537 patients, they have come to a paradoxical conclusion: acupuncture really helps from chronic headaches, and it does not matter exactly where the needles are stuck, because the beneficial effect … has the effect of self-hypnosis.

Migraine: how to live without painHowever, most often in patients with migraine during an attack does not have time to arrange a session of acupuncture or winding head sauerkraut. In this situation it is more important for them to have on hand a drug that quickly deliver them from unbearable headaches. Good effect during the migraine attack gives analgesic new generation of "Nalgezin" designed specifically to deal with acute pain. The main active component of the drug — naproxen sodium is effective within 15 minutes after taking the pill. This means that if we take the medicine at the first sign of attack, the hours of excruciating pain can be avoided. An additional advantage of this drug — long period (8-12 hours), so that by taking just one pill in the morning, you can be sure that the evening pain do not ruin your plans.

And Pontius Pilate, and Mikhail Bulgakov would have given much for something to carry your pack "Nalgezina."

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