Missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov launched in the heart of repair asterisk

"In the night from 24 to 25 June 2013 shipbuilders Ship Repair Center "Star" (part of the JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") carried out an operation on the docks be launched missile cruiser (RRC) "Marshal Ustinov" Project 1164 "Atlas".

 Missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" came to the berth ship repair center "Star" in June 2011 for scheduled maintenance. The reconstruction of the technical readiness of the cruiser carried out in the framework of a state contract for maintenance of the Northern Fleet, signed between the Ministry of Defence and of "CA" Little Star. "In November 2012, the shipbuilders" Sprockets "started to repair the ship docks phase. RRC" Marshal Ustinov "was raised from the water and placed on a solid foundation Stacker. During the stage of repair dock workers and engineers," Sprockets "carried out to repair drainage, drainage and fire fighting vehicle systems, line shaft, screws, stabilizing, other systems and mechanisms. performed works repair and painting of the exterior hull and tanks.

The ending phase of dock repair cruiser was a solemn ceremony on June 20, and devoted to the forthcoming descent ship on the water. RRC "Marshal Ustinov" was the first ship of Project 1164, scheduled maintenance is performed on the "star". As stated during the ceremony CEO of the Center Vladimir Nikitin, ship repair, followed by RCR "Marshal Ustinov" similar repairs will be other ships of this project — the flagship of the Black Sea and Pacific Fleets missile cruiser "Moskva" and "Varyag".

Dock operation downhill cruiser on the water made in the night from 24 to 25 June. The cruiser was removed from the docking camera and moored in the shallow embankment for outfitting and modernization works. Severodvinsk shipbuilders will replace more than 50% of cable routes ship missile system to perform upgrades, communications and intelligence systems. Repair work on the cruiser will be completed within 2014. Modernization ship missile system will be implemented in 2015, followed by the RRC "Marshal Ustinov" will be back fighting the Navy.

RRC "Marshal Ustinov" (project 1164 "Atlas") was laid to plant them. 61 Communards in Nikolaev in October 1978. In September 1986, the cruiser was raised Navy flag ship and joined the Navy. In March 1987, the RRC "Marshal Ustinov" made the transition from Sevastopol to Severomorsk and took his place in the fighting ranks of the Red Banner Northern Fleet.

During the service has been repeatedly recognized as the best cruiser surface ship of the Northern Fleet. "Marshal Ustinov" has a rich history of sea voyages. Cruiser committed transatlantic trips with stopovers in the ports of Great Britain, USA, Canada, Syria, Algeria and other countries. The ship took on board a high-ranking military and diplomatic personnel of foreign countries, including the royals.

Over 26 years of service RRC "Marshal Ustinov" performed over 370 combat exercises with the use of rocket, artillery and anti-submarine systems. In campaigns cruiser made almost 150,000 nautical miles, spending on the high seas in 1089 days.

According to open sources, displacement cruisers of "Atlas" is 11380 tons, length 186 meters, maximum width — 20.8 m cruiser capable of speeds up to 34 knots. The crew — 510 people. The main strike weapons cruisers are 16 launchers for missile system S-500 "Basalt". In addition, the structure of the ship weapons complex consists of artillery, artillery and air defense missile, torpedo launchers and rocket launchers to fire depth charges.

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