Missile Zenit-3SL satellite into orbit with a world record injection accuracy

Launched from a floating launch platform "Odyssey" (Odissey) in the Pacific Ocean as part of the project "Sea Launch" (Sea Launch) carrier rocket "Zenit-3SL" orbited American communications satellite "Intelsat-21" (Intelsat-21) told RIA Novosti the RSC "Energia".

"The spacecraft at the estimated time separated from the Block DM-SL rocket" Zenit-3SL ", — said the source.

President and General Designer of RSC "Energia" Vitaly Lopota said that when you run the satellite Intelsat-21 world record was set by injection accuracy of the spacecraft into orbit, RIA "Novosti". Zamgenkonstruktora enterprise Valery Aliyev reported via video link from a floating platform, "Sea Launch" confirmed its reliability. According to him, during the launch failed to reach a unique precision — perigee altitude was to be 280 plus or minus 13 miles away, and the error was zero kilometers. Aliyev added that the apogee should be 35,786 kilometers, plus or minus 129 kilometers, and has made 35781 plus 7 kilometers. Satellite Intelsat-21 is to replace Intelsat-9 unit and service operators direct satellite and cable television.

Launch of the spacecraft Intelsat-21 for various reasons repeatedly and consistently tolerated on the day, starting from August 15. The problems were not detected in the rocket, and the American satellite. August 15 during the completion of the program the first launch of the day were found problems in surface processing equipment Intelsat-21. Channel error was located in one of the columns, it had to be replaced. Last night were audited replaced with bar, work took place without any problems. After that, experts continue the suspension of the preparation of the first start of the day.

The commissioning of the satellite communications made on the basis of platform 702MR by Boeing Satellite Systems Inc., Will increase the transmission power for one of the most popular areas of multimedia broadcasting in Latin America.

As a result of a rocket launch brought the spacecraft weighing 5.98 kilograms of thousands into geosynchronous transfer orbit, where it will later be transferred to the point of standing on the target orbit.

Intelsat-21 will be at a point with coordinates 302 degrees east longitude. It will replace the spacecraft Intelsat-9, and will serve the operators of direct satellite and cable television.

International Consortium "Sea Launch" (Sea Launch) was established in 1995. After the reorganization in 2010, the headquarters — Apartment Company is located in Bern (Switzerland).

The company Sea Launch AG provides the community with communication satellite operators launch services using the launch pad at the base of the carrier rocket "Zenit". The offer includes a full range of launch services, including enforcement of schedule start-up financing, optimization of risks, the decision of insurance issues and provision of productive contractual solutions to meet the changing needs of the market for commercial launches.

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