Mobbing: bullying in the workplace


Mobbing — a new word for a well-known phenomenon of all: bullying in the workplace. Mobbing problem becomes particularly relevant in recent years — when the fear of losing their job has become very popular, and the desire to make a career at any price is no surprise.

Experts identify several types of mobbing. Horizontal — when the threat comes from colleagues. With a vertical mobbing involved hierarchical system: the slave bosses poison or, conversely, subordinates decided to head to survive. But perhaps the worst is the so-called sandwich-mobbing — when the attacks come from everywhere and from subordinates and from management.

What is considered mobbing?

On what grounds can assess what is bullying and what is — a series of conflicts? First of all — is the dimension of time. In addition, mobbing is always directed at one person, not the group. Finally, mobbing serves no purpose other than humiliation and intimidation of the victim. Methods that use the pursuers, always about the same.

Mobbing is very common in Japan — a country where there was a culture of lifetime employment, tend not to open fire employees and make their lives miserable in the workplace so that they resigned themselves.

Exclusion from informal personal contacts. Here, there are many opportunities: the victim is not named with a dinner or a smoking room, not being invited to parties, do not greet.

Overlapping overhead channels. Employees may deliberately conceal or "forget" to report information relating to the work — not work to retell the news, too late to inform the service information, forget to invite to the meeting.

Ignoring success. Staff ignore any achievements victims do not pay attention to her contribution to the cause. Manual — systematically leaves the victim without remuneration and promotion.

Attempts to ruin the reputation of — Both personal and professional. Pursuers with the imagination is where carousing: they can dissolve various rumors about the victim, toss "evidence" that discredits its dignity, to steal from the table the necessary papers.

Sometimes the opposition goes into an open phase — in humiliation and physical abuse. Fighting in the workplace in companies that practice mobbing — not uncommon.

They feel the victim of mobbing

Even if a person was a victim of mobbing at first were sought defenders, then eventually he is left alone with the persecutors. "Today it is, and tomorrow I" — sooner or later realize the defenders of the victim.

In addition to being a victim of mobbing daily lives in a state of high stress, it is strongly reduced self-esteem. I have to constantly be on the alert and wait for the trick behind every corner.

A person who is a victim of mobbing, begins to doubt his ability to fight back in their professional abilities. And it can be not only a subjective feeling: professional responsibilities can really suffer when every day has to defend itself from the "cage-minded."

Over time, the habits of the victim becomes more and more difficult to leave the threshold of the office. Mobbing object begins to seem that it has something else began to treat friends, that it slightly despise households. The victim of mobbing can see enemies from scratch: this behavior is simply attracts more conflict.

Ironically, the victim of mobbing do not want to leave work, where they are systematically poisoned. They are usually motivated by the unwillingness of the towel in this unjust war. In fact, the reasons may be hiding much deeper: the victims of mobbing are beginning to doubt their own abilities and competence. They think that even after leaving with the unenviable job, they will not find themselves no other place. They begin to doubt her attractiveness and experience about how it will look in the eyes of their resumes next employer.

Psychologists say that to become the largest the risk of becoming a victim of mobbing consists in the following situations:

— If the employee is very different from his colleagues. No matter socially, by level of education, or nationality.

— If there were major reshuffle, the victim of mobbing may be come from the employee unexpectedly appointed to high office or suddenly reduced employee.

— Mobbing brand new employees — a widespread phenomenon. Sometimes it is a kind of "check for lice" before joining a new team.

— The cause of mobbing can be banal fear for his place by the etching. In this case, attacks are fortunate provincials, young employees from the "elders" and the colleagues who have to divide up the work for two.

Playing the Victim

Recently, there are many magazines of instructions written in the genre of "bad advice." Usually they are called — "How to become a victim of mobbing." Therefore, it seems that victim always my fault in his misadventures. In other words, you need to perform a series of simple actions — and mobbing does not threaten you. For example, avoid the envy of colleagues, do not differ greatly from their level of income or exotic interests. Do not be a "helluva smart" or upstart, do not behave defiantly ignore the written and unwritten rules of the organization to be proactive too. In general, it is better to sit and hang out. Or, as one famous actor joked, "Follow the rule of three B: be poor, the sick and incompetent — and then you are guaranteed universal love."

Joking aside, the teams in which employees belong to the same social environment, have similar education and the same motivation, much less a chance to pick up a virus mobbing.

However, there are cases where the victim of mobbing is completely innocent of this attitude to her. And all the blame for the persecution rests with management and the wrong management decisions.

First, management can encourage competition in its false sense — provoke employees to denunciations, scheming, unhealthy competition and just play off of people.

Secondly, the cause of mobbing can become unhealthy atmosphere in the team. Mobbing is developed in organizations where prevail related or intimate relationships between employees, where there is a high turnover rate and with no career prospects of staff.

The third cause of mobbing — the wrong personnel policy: the unclear division of labor between the employees (for example, the duties of two colleagues duplicated), the lack of feedback from the leadership, unclear goals and objectives of the company.

And if colleagues for something up in arms against you, is to analyze the causes of such behavior. Do not forget that each of these motifs in its pure form is quite rare. Typically, in a tangle of contradictions of several intertwined reasons: mobbing are guilty and faulty management solutions manual, and the employee.

If the conflict day by day just heating up, think — and whether you should continue to work in this company? Stress will grow like a snowball, the relationship is unlikely to improve, and their mental health more than money. Perhaps a new job you're lucky — if you choose a company with a transparent management schemes and competent management. And if you do not let us down.


Source — "Be healthy"

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