Monarch Butterflies — indicators of climate change

March 12, 2013. Zoologists New Zealand outright alarmed. They can not find butterflies monarchs who did not return from the regular seasonal migration. Unlike their North American counterparts, New Zealand monarchs do not overcome those distances. From season to season, they are moved from the South to the North of the island, adapting to the weather conditions. But last winter was abnormally cold and lost a significant amount of butterflies.

The Secretary of the New Zealand defense organization monarchs Jackie Knight said: "Of the various places we have reports that the butterfly did not return from hibernation. It makes us perplexed. " Experts believe that the impact on the butterflies change climate. It only remains to find out how. Jackie Knight said that monarchs are sort-indicator of climate change, by which one can judge the state of populations of many other species of insects.

Experts' forecasts are optimistic. They hope that in the coming seasons butterfly regain their former strength after a harsh winter.

Source: Meteovesti

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