More than 100 people were burnt to death in the Kenyan capital. Video


September 12 in the suburbs of the capital of Kenya — Nairobi City — there was a fire, resulting in burned alive more than 100 people. It happened in a poor slum area. The cause of the tragedy was the ignition of oil from the damaged pipeline.

As reported by the Kenyan media, after local residents found a leak in the pipeline, they began to gather valuable fuel. However, it is assumed that someone threw a cigarette butt into the open sewer, which receives oil, after which there was a huge explosion and the fire quickly spread to the dilapidated buildings.

According to preliminary data received burns to more than 150. They were taken to nearby hospitals.

[Richard Leresian, chief doctor at the local hospital]:
"On this day we received 112 patients with severe burns, most of them burned over 30% of the body."

At the moment, firefighters continue to dismantle the rubble burned slums in search of victims or the victims.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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