More than 30 people were killed in heavy rains in north-west Pakistan

February 6, 2013. At least 33 people were killed and more 40 seriously injured as a result of heavy rains that hit the last three days in the north-west Pakistan. It was reported today in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the South Asian nation. The strongest of the strong rainfall hit the north-western Pakistani province of Khyber — Pakhtunkhwa.

It is reported that in some cases the deaths occurred due to the collapse of walls and roofs of houses in the most deprived areas of north-west Pakistan. Have also been documented cases of deaths due to electric shock from Hurricane dangling power lines. Also in the vicinity of Peshawar several man were washed away by a flood of water over the banks of one of the local rivers. In affected by a powerful storm front mountainous areas of north-west Pakistan fell to a record amount of snow, leaving almost all the roads were closed to motor traffic, and people were forced to sit most of the time at home.

Powerful storm front is also strongly influenced by the work of the international airport of Islamabad: because of rain and poor visibility here were canceled many domestic and international flights.

As expected, today's weather in Islamabad and in the north-west Pakistan in general should be improved, and here come the traditional for this time of year, pre-spring thaw.


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