Murmansk region: lightning struck a power pole 110 kV


3.08.11.V Murmansk region as a result of a direct lightning strike in support of 110 kV was damaged traverse.

The specialists of the branch of IDGC of North-West "Kolenergo" operational failure and eliminate overhead introduced into the work.

While passing storm front over the northern part of the Kola Peninsula, lightning struck one of the wooden supports of 110 kV transmission line connecting the substation-20 and HPS-6 "Rayakoski." As a result of a direct lightning strike had damaged the traverse on a support 139.

"Replacement of the damaged beam was carried out by maintenance personnel Pechenga area network", — said the head of the Operations Department transmission lines and distribution networks Kolenergo Mustafa Mannanov. — "Incidents of lightning in the power line, resulting in the damage, due, in particular, features underground rocks in the Kola Peninsula, the composition of which impede the elements of lightning protection on power lines."

The line was put into operation today in 4 hours 21 minutes. The duration of the repair work was carried out on power transmission lines in parallel, the consumers of electricity are not disabled.

Igor Elders

Source: EnergoNyus

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