Mysterious blood disease recorded in Ghana


21.12.11.Neponyatny disease struck the inhabitants of the Ashanti region of Ghana. According to official information from the Ministry of Health, at the beginning of this week recorded two deaths.

Maybe the infection is transmitted to humans by infected rodents.
There is evidence that a couple of months ago, a young man came to doctors with symptoms of malaria. Antimalarial treatment to no avail. Suddenly, the patient began profuse nosebleeds, also was bleeding from the ears, mouth and anus, triggering a quick death of the patient copious blood loss.
Chairman of the Department of Health Professor Joseph Amankva told that the disease on this day was defined as a viral hemorrhagic fever Lassa. This disorder is traditionally difficult runs, often leading to death.
Febrile respiratory failure is recorded, kidney, central nervous system bleeding. In the case provided, in the words of Joseph Amankva, symptoms similar to malaria, and patients simply die of blood loss.

Source: vladimirpozner

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