Mysterious circles in the fields of Bashkiria. Photo


Photo: Anas Arslanov

29/06/11. — On this road I travel every day — excitedly says a resident Tuymazy district Askhat Khalitov.

— This time, however, I noticed that something was not right. When looked closely — Father! Circles oat field! We drove a little further — again traces. But yesterday was nothing like that!

The day before in the area was heavy rain, but the impact of natural disasters eyewitness flatly rejects.

— For their 64 years I have never in my life seen a wind like that was putting the ears in different directions — said Askhat Khalitov. — On the field, clearly visible neat flat cone diameter at the base of about 1.5 meters, and in the form of squares traces were too.

Photo: Anas Arslanov

— No exits the road we did not see — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" correspondent "Tuimazy Bulletin" Alex Shilnikov. — So for farm machinery is not likely. It should be very much — at 400 meters, I guess. I would like to believe that it is a UFO, of course, but the mind says another.

— Most likely, the reason the wind — suggested in Tyumenyakovskom village council (in its jurisdiction are oat ears who perished for unknown reasons, no one). — Incidentally, ears almost murdered, so that nothing will harm crops.

Very real causes of these circles and are experts in paranormal phenomena.

— Most likely, the reason is simple — this is the usual whirlwind — says the head of the research group "Torch" ufologist Matthew Solomatin. — In general, at the emergence of such circles, there are two versions. Either this man-made education, or they have anomalous nature. In the second case, what or who the author is unknown.

However, the witness said that the anomalies in this place still had.

Photo: Anas Arslanov

— The driver told me that years ago he had seen in this place something like a UFO — said Askhat Khalitov. — You know, the usual flying saucer describe? That's the same thing went up about the same place. In general, I am very glad that I saw the footprints. Not every day you have to deal with the inexplicable!

Daria Petrova

Source: KP.RU — Ufa

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