Mysterious Pontiac




Mysterious car discovered in Lower Manhattan. He stands rooted to the spot on Maiden Lane between Frant Street and Water Street. It should be no longer than 8 months! And standing on the counter, "Mitera." Why is it not repel a special parking lot, pick which is the owner of a lot of money?

Because this much dust, and once the black "-Pontiac Grand Prix" 1993 is equipped with solid ksivu. Under the windscreen you can see a police document authorizing the parking of the car almost anywhere, and the badge of urban management Investigation (DOI). On the glass is attached another dokumentik quite official-looking with an appeal to road cops are not fined for wrong parking. The note also states that the owners currently get new license plates, registration and inspection certificates.

Both front tires thrown "Pontiac" blown away, the front license plate strongly bent, and in general, the car is slightly reminiscent of "wildebeest". Where only the unforgettable Kozlevich in leather chauffeur's jacket?

This car has become an eyesore for the residents and employees who come here during business hours. His curse utility truck drivers who have to go around it while cleaning the streets.

Excavated this amazing story of a reporter for the "New York Post" found the car surrounded by bags of garbage and three penalties, "Thicket", planted under the "caretaker" for a total of $ 165.

In regular traffic police said that the car is registered in the name of Pamela Wilson, residing at Sanford Street, 361 in Flushing (Queens). But — here's the mystic! — This address is not found in nature. License plate — EZ604P. Registration plate expired in June 2002.

Reporter "Post" showed great curiosity and called the management of investigations. No Pamela Wilson on the list of employees does not appear. Representatives of the DOI has not yet responded to inquiries from the press regarding the mysterious Pamela and her cast "Pontiac".

Mere mortals, they tread so reckless manner with his car, faces a fine of up to $ 1,000 and temporary weaning driving license. Police asked anyone who spots an abandoned vehicle, call the city's "hot line" 311.


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