Myths about arthritis

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Myth number 1: "Arthritis — is a separate disease."

Arthritis are inflammatory and metabolic and degenerative. But all of them are only a symptom of a particular disease — inherited diseases, diabetes, any infection, trauma, for example, years 10-20 Ago, some syndromic diseases, etc etc. In addition, the cause of diseases of the joints may be allergic to the smell of food, environmental emissions, cosmetics, etc. Also, arthritis can be a symptom of cancer. Arthritis arise from such seemingly small things: well, once inflamed eyes, and six months later became ill joint. And we can not associate with one another when the connection is obvious! But the most common causes of joint pain — domestic or professional overload, excess body weight.

Myth number 2: "cure someday."

The most common joint disease seen in childhood and adolescence, when we and our parents did not pay much attention. They are manifested in adulthood, when they are difficult to treat. If it has been 2-3 Years from the beginning of the disease, it becomes chronic. Then the doctors can only help symptomatic treatment — to facilitate pain. But the pain can not fully deliver, but only slow down its appearance, dull the edge. But if you find out the cause of arthritis, the hope of a cure there is, if not yet occurred degenerative changes in the tissues.

Myth number 3: "Rheumatism, probably."

In the old rheumatism called all the pain in the joints. In fact, separate as rheumatism disease, associated with streptococcus infection, affects primarily the heart, and only to a minor extent joints. Most often, doctors, rheumatologists are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is sick only 1% of the population. Both abroad and here in Russia. Just about this kind of joint disease often say. And often they say, because this is the most severe form of joint pathology that leads to disability. It is necessary to start it, and after a few years it is possible disability. In fact, joint diseases can have very serious consequences.

Myth number 4: "The joints are sore because of the change of the weather."

Indeed, aching joints meteozavisimosti. But the pain intensified and even psychological stress. There is a deterioration of the general state of health and even worsening of the underlying disease, so doctors are advised to avoid stressful situations and increase the dose at which point taken drugs during stress soothing drink. Approximation of weather changes joints feel in advance, so as when it is desirable to add the pain medication. As we said earlier, one of the reasons is allergic. For example, for certain foods. It is possible that cause exacerbations of pain lies in food, not in magnetic storms.

Myth number 5: "There is an effective remedy for joint pain."

That just does not apply patients with joint pain: herbs, dietary supplements, and more. Despite the doctors cry: "Do not self-medicate!" The first thing to clarify the diagnosis, determine the cause of the disease. Every body needs individual treatment depending on the cause of the disease and the condition of the body. And do not trust advertising. Practice has shown that the widely advertised drugs based on glucosamine and chondroitin (for example, "Inoltra") — do not benefit from joint pain!

Myth number 6: "Massage heals."

Nothing like that. Sometimes massage is even contraindicated. Perhaps you will feel relieved and on the hour, no more.

Recommended for those with stiff joints — to avoid congestion:

  • heavy bags is better not to wear in one hand, and in both, especially if they have to wear long, use a wheeled bags;
  • avoid walking on the stairs, often use the elevator;
  • Maintain a healthy body weight, the extra 5 kg increase the load on the knee joints of 20 kg;
  • Shoes should be with arch supports and a small heel (heel height greater than 3.5 cm makes lean forward and overload the knees);
  • do not use in everyday life low chairs and beds, cushion seat height should be at the level of the knee;
  • contraindicated in running, jumping, squatting, useful swimming, gymnastics in the supine position, regular therapeutic exercise can improve joint mobility and prevent the weakening of the muscles;
  • not supercool and dress for the weather.

The diet for all people with diseases of the joints is recommended:

  • restrict carbohydrates, fats, flour products;
  • less meat, more fish and poultry;
  • use more fruits, vegetables and berries. They contain dietary fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that protect your body from external impacts;
  • Try to use more low-fat milk and dairy products, have little fat, but a lot of calcium. Especially useful fish oil, garlic, honey. Healthy people give little thought to their joints and are starting to pay attention to them only with the advent of a disadvantage. But if you suddenly become ill and do self-treatment, it is better not waste any more time, contact the specialists.


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