Myths about contraception

Myths about contraception.  Photo from

In the field of contraception, there are many myths, but mostly biases associated with intrauterine devices and hormonal contraceptives.

Ignorant people are afraid that the pill supposedly from start to grow a mustache and beard, headache, nausea, increased weight (here, however, is inconsistent legend: not Get Fat by themselves pills, not after the termination of their admission), etc. And despite the fact that hormonal contraception for half a century constantly used by hundreds of millions of women around the world.

Indeed, the first generation contraceptives (inthe fifties and sixties years) were quite strong and rough hormonal agents. None of the funds that are sold today, does not have such properties. Medications offered to women today are the result of careful scientific research.

Modern funds tested on thousands of women, and experts trace their fate for many years. Moreover, this is not all birth control pills are hormonal. They do not contain hormones so as to affecthormonal Background of the body and side-effects practically given.

As for the nausea and headaches, most often they come from the fact that a friend said, the beginning, they say to take pills and became head ache. Well time to appear headaches — they appear. Therefore, in choosing a contraceptive pill is better yet consult a specialist — a doctor and gynecologist.

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