Myths about hormonal preparations

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Appointment of hormonal drugs often scares people. Around the hormone is composed of many myths. But most of them are completely wrong.

Myth 1: Hormonal treatments — a special birth control pills for women.

No. Hormonal drugs — drugs that obtained synthetically. They work like a natural hormone produced in our body. In humans, many organs that secrete hormones: male and female sexual organs, endocrine glands, central nervous system, and others. Accordingly, hormones may be different and designate them with various diseases.

Female hormones (containing female hormones) can both have a contraceptive effect, and did not possess. Sometimes, on the contrary they normalize hormones and contribute to pregnancy. Preparations containing the male sex hormones, are appointed for men with lower sperm quality (ie sperm motility), and hypothyroidism, reduced levels of male sex hormones.

Myth 2: Hormones are prescribed only for very serious diseases

No. There are some minor condition in which hormonal drugs are also prescribed. For example, the reduction of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). Physicians frequently discharged in this case hormones such as thyroxine or eutiroks.

Myth 3: If time does not drink a hormone pill, nothing bad will happen

No. Hormonal treatments should be taken strictly by the hour. For example, a hormonal contraceptive pill is valid for 24 hours. Accordingly, the time required per day is necessary to drink it. There are medications that you need to drink 2 times a day. These are some of the male sex hormones, and corticosteroids (e.g., dexamethasone). Moreover, it is recommended to take hormones at the same time. If you regularly drink hormones, or even forget to drink, the level of required hormone can dramatically decrease.

Here is an example. If a woman forgets to drink a hormonal contraceptive pill, the next day it should be forgotten evening drink in the morning and in the evening of the same day — another pill. If the interval between doses was more than a day (remember: hormonal contraceptive pill is valid for 24 hours), the hormone levels in the blood drop dramatically. In response to this will necessarily spotting. In such cases, you can continue taking the pill, but additionally protected for you next week. If it's been more than 3 days, it is necessary to stop taking hormones stredstva use other contraception, wait for the arrival of menstruation and additionally consult with your doctor.

Myth 4: If you take hormones, they accumulate in the body

No. When hormone enters the body, it immediately breaks down into chemicals, which then leave the body. For example, the pill is destroyed and "out" from the body during the day: and that is why it is necessary to drink every 24 hours.

However, hormones continue to "work" even after their hors. But they act indirectly. For example, a woman a few months drinking hormone pills and then stop taking them, and later she had no problems with the cycle.

Why is this happening? Hormonal drugs act on different organs of "target". For example, women on the contraceptive pill affect the ovaries, uterus, mammary gland, brain regions. When the tablet is "gone" from the body, a mechanism that it launched, continues to operate.

Need to know: mechanism of long-acting hormone is not associated with their accumulation in the body. Just this is the principle of action of these drugs, "work" through other body structures.

Myth 5: When pregnancy hormones do not subscribe

Discharged. If prior to pregnancy in women were hormonal disorders, during gestation it needs medicinal support to production of female and male hormones was normal, and the child developed normally.

Or other situation. Before pregnancy, the woman was all right, but with its sudden onset something went wrong. For example, she suddenly notices that the intensive growth of body hair from the navel down and around the nipples. In this case, be sure to consult your doctor, who may prescribe hormonal tests, and if necessary, write and hormones. Not necessarily female sexual — it might be, for example, adrenal hormones.

Myth 6: Do hormones lot of side effects, primarily — weight gain

Drugs completely without side effects is not seen. But we need to distinguish the side effects that do not require discontinuation of therapy. For example, breast tenderness upon receipt of contraceptive hormones phenomenon is considered normal. Scarce spottingfirst-second months of admission to the intermenstrual period, too, have a right to be. Headache, dizziness, fluctuation in weight (plus or minus 2 kg) — all this is not a pathology and not a sign of disease. Hormonal drugs are prescribed for a sufficiently long period of time. The body by the end of the first month adapts and everything comes back to normal.

But that was not really serious problems, for example, with the vessels, before prescribing medication and during the reception necessarily need to be tested and get tested. Only a doctor can prescribe you a specific hormonal drug that will not harm your health.

Myth 7: Hormones can always find an alternative

Not always. There are situations where hormones are essential. For example, a woman younger than 50 years had their ovaries removed. As a result, it quickly begins to age and lose health. In this case, her body until 55-60 years of age must be maintained hormone therapy. Of course, provided that its primary disease (because of ovaries which have been removed) has no contraindications for this purpose.

Moreover, in certain diseases of the female sex hormones may even recommend a strictly neuropsychiatrist. For example, depression.

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