Myths about the diet that interfere with losing weight

Ask a woman what to do to lose weight, and she'll immediately tell you all the details. No matter she ever lost weight or not, whether it needs to lose weight or she is by nature has a great metabolism and it does not have a single extra gram. Among the men, too many would-be experts, however, they are more likely to tell how many squats with a barbell to do in the day and what to drink protein shakes to enjoy super-figure. Most of these tips to losing weight does not have any relation but steadily passed from mouth to mouth, gathering details and restrictions, and in the end becomes a myth that more harm to those who really need to lose weight, rather than help. Dispel the myths and give a recommendation, we asked the doctor of medical sciences, the author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhin.


— Mariyat why everything around so sure that well versed in nutrition?


— I think it is because the people are very vague idea of the scale of the problem. With the narrow-minded point of view, it looks pretty simple. Do not eat — losing weight, eat — get fat. In the best case, people know that fasting is harmful, and useful products is helpful. But here, too many mistakes, taking useless and harmful products for useful. But losing weight — is a complex process in which the value has it all: the hormonal and metabolic rate, and lifestyle, and food and sports habits and many other factors. Nutritionist — it's not just a man, which says you are, and what is not, this is primarily a doctor. And many play a game of "Be Your Own Nutritionist" is applied to the body and sometimes irreparable damage to his attempts to lose weight.


— What are the most common myths about diet exist?

— The most famous and probably the most harmful advice "if you want to lose weight — do not eat." Many take the phrase at face value, sit on superasketichnye diet, arrange one fasting day after the other, in the end undermine health, psyche and finally slow down the metabolism.

Other no less famous myth "All the sweet harmful." In fact, not all sweet harmful, because carbohydrates are divided into fast and slow. First we get out of muffins, milk chocolate, jam, sweet yoghurt, glazed cheese, ice cream and other foods containing sugar. But there are slow carbohydrates — fruits, dried fruits, honey, that feed the brain with necessary glucose and at the same time do not cause much damage to the figure, if there is blocked in the right quantity at the right time. With sweet and calorie content of food is due a lot of myths. Some people believe that the food contains less fat and calories in general, so it is useful. This is also a controversial topic, as between calorie food and the presence of vitamins, minerals, fiber, unsaturated fat is not a direct link.


— How about a separate food such fashion now?


— I would not erect the separation of power in the absolute. The fact that fats, proteins and carbohydrates are broken down into the duodenum with three different enzymes — lipase, amylase and trypsin. So if there is separation of power, there is no separation of digestion does not exist at all. Especially as most products contains all three components — and fats, and proteins, and carbohydrates. Another thing is that by eating, for example, meat and potatoes, you get for elementary one eating too many calories. Therefore the Council has cereals, potatoes, pasta and meat in different meals is quite right to life.


— And all the others you mentioned myths — an absolute lie?


— Not exactly. Each myth is under some kind of a framework that can be fully justified from a medical point of view. But in this case the facts are so distorted that take them as a basis does not. For example, "if you want to lose weight — do not eat" is actually supposed to sound "if you want to lose weight — do not overeat, eats a balanced, at one and the same time, in small portions with the advice of a nutritionist on the individual plan." But you can imagine that a friend recommended it other? Everybody wants quick results, the magic diet that will allow a few days to lose weight, have been accumulating over the years. It's hard to admit that there is no miracle pill or magic diet. That figure will have to work on. Of course, if lose weight by our method, then losing weight will help reflexology and beauty treatments. A dietician will make an individual nutrition plan, through which do not have to be spent hunger strikes. But even in this case, losing weight will have to work on ourselves, to stand firm in its intention to acquire the figure of dreams, not responding to calls from ordinary people starve just a couple of days, try a new superdietu or other similar proposals. It is difficult to accept on faith the recommendations of experts, when in my head so many stereotypes associated with losing weight.


— Well tips that go from mouth to mouth, but what about the women actively write and even men's magazines?


— You have to understand that people do not sell another express or diet pill, and faith in a miracle. That all by itself will be settled without any extra effort. Because of this belief we buy packaged juice or another low-fat yogurt, stuffed with sugar and emulsifiers "very useful" cleansing tea, some drugs and pills that supposedly will block fat. By the way, no one really effective means you will not be sold without a prescription and no one of them can not be taken without strict medical supervision.


— What do those who really want to slim and need it?


— I would advise to replace faith in the miracle on confidence. If you can not and do not want to speak to a dietitian, do not be lazy to collect information. Go to the forum tested clinics like ours, read the information on the composition of the food that you eat, consult a trainer to find out what kind of exercise you need it. Do not hesitate to ask questions and hard look at the answers. And you certainly can do it.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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