Myths about vaccination

Myths about vaccination

In recent years, the world develops different attitudes to vaccination. Despite the fact that mass vaccination against certain diseases has led to the almost complete disappearance of them, the ranks of the opponents of mandatory vaccinations are growing. This is facilitated by widespread misconceptions regarding vaccination.

Consider the most common ones.

1. You can not vaccinate allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It is now believed that children with allergies must be inoculated with other children. Vaccinations desirable to do without exacerbation of allergic process. Samu vaccination is recommended that "under the guise of" anti-histamines. Vaccinations are counter only to those children who are having a severe allergic reaction in response to a previous dose of the vaccine, as well as people who are allergic to chicken protein and other components of the vaccine.

2. You can only vaccinate healthy baby. Today, more and more parents shy away from vaccines under the guise of a child's illness. Currently, a host of children who are never completely healthy — they are a prime target for the more serious diseases against which and are vaccinated. Therefore, no "poor health" of the child, nor anemia in any case not a contraindication for vaccination.

Availability viral infectionsis a relative contraindication to conduct vaccination only in cases when the disease progresses with increased body temperature. Non-severe infection (common cold, runny nose long with a normal temperature) is not a contraindication to vaccination.

The same issue applies vaccination of premature infants. In this case, not only the BCG vaccination is carried out, and that if a child was born with a weight of less than 2000 grams.

3. You can not vaccinate children with neurological disorders. Possible and necessary. Otherwise, the child can pick up some dangerous infection that will worsen during the neurological disease. Children with neurological diseases are imparted by the special schemes (eg, DTP exclude pertussis), allowed some movement immunization schedule recommended by the National calendar. Under stable neurological conditions — Down syndrome and other chromosomal disorders, paresis and paralysis, the consequences of injuries and diseases — vaccination is the general schedule.

Is not a contraindication andperinatal encephalopathy— Such a diagnosis is quite a large number of children in the first month of life. This term means the residual post-natal effects which disappear within a short period of time. Thymomegaly (Increase thymic shadow on chest radiograph) — postpartum disorder that passes with time, also can not serve as a contraindication to vaccination.

4. You can not instill in dysbiosis. This condition causes a storm of controversy in the medical community, and is not considered a separate disease. In fact, this deviation from the normal microbial flora, which can occur due to various diseases, and as a result of external and internal factors. Relative contraindication to vaccination is the only heavy dysbiosis caused by prolonged use of antibiotics — in this case the vaccine is delayed until full recovery. In all other cases, there is no reason to cancel the vaccination.

 5. Vaccinations cause the development of various diseases. In the history of vaccination, there are many examples where vaccination declared the cause of a variety of ailments. For example, a particularly zealous opponents of the creator of the method of inoculation E. Jenner argued that vaccination with cowpox lead to the fact that people will grow horns and hooves, and they will turn into cows.

A lot of rumors and gossip caused sensational publication of the English Dr. Wakefield, that the combined vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (the so-called MMR-vaccine) cause autism. The doctor came to the conclusion that most of the 170 children had observed the cause of autism has served as a combined vaccine measles-mumps-rubella vaccines, especially measles component thereof.

Later, after a series of scientific studies, Wakefield's assertion was refuted by the Ministry of Health of Great Britain, and later the WHO. The work itself has been characterized as unscientific, due to a number of grave violations of procedures for research. It is now believed that the connection between vaccines and autism does not exist. Nevertheless, the myth had caused panic among parents and cause a mass rejection of the administration MMR-vaccine. The result was an increase in the incidence of mumps in dozens of times (from 95 to 1000 cases per year in the only one of the counties of the UK).


Contraindications to vaccination course exist, but their list is not as great as most people believe. So, for example, pregnant women are contraindicated only live vaccines and the vaccine against rubella, and all the rest of the question. And even this prohibition, as acknowledged by the doctors themselves, rather perestahovkoy is — so far not proved negative effect of a live vaccine on fetal development.

It is no secret that when it comes to vaccinations, especially on how to inculcate a child often changes the logic of the people. Any child illness arising during indefinitely long period of time after vaccination is often attributed to the vaccine. It is quite natural for human nature. In fact, despite the relatively frequent "trivial" effects after vaccination — pain and local reactions after the injection, fever, more serious side effects are rare.

Citizens should help calm the fact that Russia has a state system of safety evaluation of vaccines. The functions of the National Authority control in charge of the quality of vaccines, assigned to the National Institute of Standardization and Control of Medical Biological Preparations. LA Tarasevich. Unlike many other countries, Russia has a system of state tests, which are conducted under the direction of the Control Institute with the use of comparator, double-blind, etc. are compulsory laboratory control of the pilot, Experimental production and the first series production of vaccines and vaccine clinical trials for their safety.

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