Namibia is helpless before the flood

March 14, 2013. The water level Zambezi continues to rise, since the end of January. Now the water height is 6.29 meters. Dozens of villages have more months remain cut off from essential social services, medical care, and shops by the sinking of the main roads into the water. With the rise Zambezi to 7,8-8 meters of evacuated villages to increase significantly.

In addition to the very high water and high risk of drowning, Namibians exposed to different diseases that occur during floods, as well as the constant attacks of poisonous animals living in the water, such as snakes. In the Caprivi region after the floods forced the evacuation of about a thousand villagers. But this evacuation is over, and within a week the number of relocated in camps organized by the Namibians will increase to 5,000.

Evacuation takes place in difficult circumstances, as no special equipment, and people have to move into the banana boat in the distance more 120 km. By road traffic is almost impossible, since all of them flooded since the middle of February.

Source: Meteovesti

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