NEAR TEL AVIV urgently deploy ABM BATTERY «Iron Dome»


Israel’s Defense Ministry announced that, in the Gush Dan (agglomeration, including Tel Aviv District and the Central District on the Mediterranean coast — «Times»), launched the fifth missile defense battery «Iron Dome», reports The Jerusalem Post.
The department planned to do it in two months, but in light of recent rocket attacks from Palestine was decided to urgently deploy a battery.
The other day, four rockets fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in Tel Aviv, with all this, no one was hurt.
In the night from Friday to Saturday, Palestinians fired about 40 missiles at Israeli areas. Another four rockets fell near the southwestern town of Ashkelon at about 12:00 MSK.
Israeli Air Force spent the afternoon latest series of air strikes. Midst of goals that, according to the military, there were more weave — electric utilities, tunnels smugglers on which instrument is delivered to Gaza from Egypt and Gaza police stations.
In addition, reported the winding up of the mosque in the center of the bombardment of Gaza and Hamas headquarters favorite Ismail Haniyeh, where local authorities have recently met with Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil. Notes that Hamii was not in the building at the time of the attack and he was not hurt.
Since Wednesday, when Israeli forces launched a military operation against Hamas, which killed more than 38 people. Victims of airstrikes began 33 Palestinians, 13 of which — peaceful inhabitants. In Israel, as a result of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, killing three people.

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