NEW AK is exactly the precursor PROMISES «Izhmash»

NEW AK is exactly the precursor PROMISES

New Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) 5th generation will shoot more precisely than its predecessors, due to the greater accuracy of fire, said in an interview to RIA Novosti chief designer of NPO «Izhmash» Vladimir Zlobin.
«I can only say in general terms that the grouping is it higher than Kalashnikovs past generations» — said Zlobin, answering the question, what results in the preparatory tests TSNIITOCHMASH (Moscow) showed an AK-12.
According to him, a number of shortcomings that have been identified at the model during tests will be carefully investigated and corrected.

«As a result of the test will be developed an action plan to address the comments that we will agree with the customer, and after removing the reference may be recommended for the upcoming test customers, including municipalities. Because pinning hopes that the spring of 2013 the AK-12 is recommended for testing municipal and held their dignity, «- said the chief designer of the company.
He did not rule out that the state tests before being sent to the AK-12 will pass additional tests in power units.
Work on the creation of the AK-12 began in the design and technology center «Izhmash» in August 2011, and in December, was made the first reference of this gun. In AK-12 has implemented a number of new design and technology solutions that have allowed to increase combat power and effectiveness of shooting all kinds of fire.
In a brand new machine significantly improved ergonomics in the design of integrated Picatinny rail — special fastening devices for auxiliary equipment: optical, collimator and night sights, rangefinders, target designators and other body kit that will allow excellent instrument to use at any time of day. Also acquired automatic folding telescopic butt, adjustable trim and butt plate.
Handle reloading AK-12 can be mounted on either the right or left, that will allow comfortable using it and right-handers and left-handers. With all this machine has kept legendary reliability, sturdiness and ease of operation. In 2013 it is planned to submit it to the municipal tests, after which the machine is to be adopted by the Russian army and put into mass production.

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