New data on the radius of the Sun

New data on the radius of the Sun Facts

An international team of scientists from Brazil, Hawaii and the U.S. produced more accurate measurements on the length of the radius of the Sun. The work has been used by NASA provided innovative measuring system SOHO, and enabled more properly install the passage along the radius of the Sun Mercury and thus confirming the amounts of stars.

Mercury is such a prime location only 12-13 times in 100 years. Thanks to measurements taken by satellites in 2003 and 2006, scientists, process them, have the radius of the Sun, equal to 696,342 km, the error is about 65 km. For astronomy is a very accurate measure, which make it possible to use an extraterrestrial satellite, for which there are no obstacles in contrast to measurements made from Earth, where the planet's own atmosphere distorts the image of the telescope.

Scientists believe that in this way it is possible not only to refine the parameters of the sun, but also to improve knowledge of the internal structure of the star, its emissions and their impact on the Earth's climate. The new measure will have the opportunity to scientists on June 5, when Mercury will again follow along the Sun.

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