New mysteries of the Crimean caves

Laboratory of karst and cave exploring Tauride National
University, Ivan Kovalenko, Simferopol

We live in troubled times … One of the features of such periods in history is an unusual burst of various pseudo-scientific and anti-scientific phenomena of nature. There are new sect, the Messiah, teaching … Babbitt turns its face to all of this "evil" because it is much easier to understand than traditional science. Anti-science, sometimes bordering on outright nonsense, fills in all areas of modern knowledge. Not spared this misfortune and caving.
Recently, in the Crimean press articles began to appear, telling about the close connection of the Crimean caves with all sorts of paranormal phenomena. Such publications printed many Crimean publications, but particularly distinguished esoteric local newspaper "The Secret Doctrine". Thus, in the N11 for 2000 for the whole newspaper column contained an article "Secrets of the Crimean caves" gathered from the reports of contactees "Terra", they have received from the Hierarchy of Light and the Galactic Council of Representatives (!?). The question: "What is the relationship between the caves of the Crimea and the alien ships?" contactees from the Hierarchy of Light was answered: "The caves have long served as a base of alien ships, more precisely, there were underground cities and test tracks, where he developed new models of ships. caves located in a very interesting ventilation system, designed for the implementation of the energy of the Sun, Moon and stars. A Cave also extends sewer system and underground cities. "
In this case, the comment seems superfluous. But like a little comment on the following note in the same issue: "Private lake in the depths of Chater-Dag." The essence of the notes is reduced to the fact that some members of the group kontakterskoy "Terra" learned from their extraterrestrial friends about a huge underground lake in the depths of the karst massif Chatyrdag.
Here are some excerpts from their responses: "… there is a freshwater lake with a high concentration of energy, the so-called" energy mirror lake "… there is life (microorganisms), it emits light, good energy, but is not available to everyone. .. The place is not a desert, where there are occasional signs of life from other civilizations. This is reflected in the lake, its composition changes. From the cave, where there is a lake, there are moves farther into the mountain … On the edge of the lake stands a statue of Neptune, like the altar -altar. At the bottom of the lake sparkling gold products. Once, when he was known for input here, the people, the priests offered sacrifices were asked to return for seafood — fish. was way out of the cave through the tunnel to the sea. This is the emergency exit. communication passes through the lake the sea, but the water is not mixed and is a freshwater lake. "
Anyone even slightly familiar with the geology of the Crimea person knows that limestone massifs of the Main Ridge of Crimean Mountains lie stratigraphically on the rocks, the so-called "Taurian series", which are flysch — a rhythmic alternation of siltstones, mudstones and sandstones. This flysch — the breed is quite fragile, easily washed and destructible, which, in particular, contributes to the development of landslide and debris flow processes in the areas of its distribution. Therefore, no tunnels leading from the limestone Chatyrdaga through the area Tauride flysch to the sea, can not be categorically. Judging from the descriptions, the lake has a fairly substantial size, but because of the high karst massif and the absence of serious water pressure, a large water pool under Chatyrdaga also not able to exist (currently the largest lake in the array is known in a cave Emine-Bair-Khosar). Stories about a statue of Neptune and the ancient altar at all meaningless. In Crimea, the cult of the Virgin Goddess of the Taurus (often identified with her Aphrodite), worshiped Aksklepiyu, but Neptune is never enjoyed great significance.
The theme of "mystery Crimean caves" intrigued many Crimean esoteric and as a result — is another interesting article all the same "Secret Doctrine" in N1 for 2001: "Alien base in the bowels of the Crimean mountains." In it, the authors (some Lenura Azizov and Anton Anfalov) With knowledge of the matter very seriously and describe the device underground bases aliens from the planet Sirius Tio of civilization (!).
Here are some quotes from the article: "The base Sirians are at very great depths, so to detect them with modern equipment, even from the satellite is almost impossible. Besides, they are tightly closed with protective energy fields -" caps "and any intruder or simply curious will never find entrances to them. Crimea due to the concentration of mass in the subsoil minerals become a place where aliens have created several databases.
Main entrance to the base is hidden in the forest-covered rock crevice height of 15 meters, which opens to the side, forming a passage for the aerial and departure of ships. It uses the principle of memory management software matter — the atomic and molecular lattice of rock with the energy field, which makes it easy to change the structure of matter and reveal a passage in the rock. When you open a passage for the ship with the location over the place automatic probe-guard sent a hologram, masking the hole in the rock …
The central base is located at a depth of 35 kilometers. Exiting the tunnel connecting it to the surface, there is a covered forest on the rock mass in the reserve "Cape Aya" …
And under Karaby-jajloj and Mount North Demerji have mines, which produces valuable mineral used in alloys body of alien ships. Landslides and avalanches, participation in coastal areas near Yalta and Sevastopol, in some cases, it is caused by the underground workings Sirians. Only on the bases is always present tiontsev 15-18 and 75 biorobotov … Another tionskaya base is a plateau Karaby (the main entrance to this base is located near the mountains of North Demerji, replacement — Karabiyskoy near the weather station). "
The authors immediately caution that alien bases carefully camouflaged and can not find them. We can only trust the information that we have shared with the authors (apparently people who know and have Sirians consisting in a special account, once he has discovered the secret). Even if we assume that there is a civilization of Sirius, that there are underground bases for their spacecraft, still leaves a few inconsistencies. First, highly fractured, karst limestone, to engineering construction is not suitable for any serious underground construction. Second, the depth of 35 km, where there is supposedly "central base" — this is the depth where the crust is already moving into the fiery mantle, the temperature at this depth is up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Third, do not understand the talk about "the mass of minerals" in the depths of the mountains, through which arrived here and aliens.
If there is some more or less standing stocks of natural resources in the Crimea, it's oil and gas located in the shelf, but not the mountain zone. In the mountains, except that a lot of building materials — the same limestone, but I think it unlikely aliens would have coveted our poor-quality oil and lime. From the realm of fiction and information about the mines for the extraction of "valuable mineral" (what??) Under Karaby and North Demerji. Karabakh, and Demerji — this limestone massifs lying on the "flysch Tauride." No ore "minerals" used for alloys spacecraft, unfortunately for aliens here.
And as recently as this year, N19 V.Panasenko someone in the article "Time to know" all the same esoteric rag writes: "All the caves of the Crimea in some way related to the levels of
energy and moves in a maze. Twice a year, these moves are washed with water and stay in them at this time is dangerous. In Crimea, there are four main caves, one of which has already ruined forever, one loses its properties, and the two still save ourselves from destruction. Caves are grouped by level and go to a depth of less than 400 — 800 l m. Individual caves have depth, as shown by studies cavers Crimea to 1500 meters below the surface. A special kind of caves — a "holy" cave, which is also in the Crimea. They are usually cone-shaped, the center is a lake at the top — out to the surface. In Crimea there is a cave in which energy state in metuschiysya imprisoned by its limit green dragon. "
It would be interesting to see how all the caverns of the Crimean Mountains are related. How, for example cave Three-eye on Ai-Petri is associated with a cave on Mother's Karaby as marble on Chatyrdag Salgirsky connected through the valley of the same Red, etc. Nevertheless, Mr. Panasenko sure that the way it is. Neponyatnr that four major cave mentioned by the author. And what exactly are the main parameters of around 1,000 known Crimean cavities? Touches, words to the effect that the caves "go to a depth of 400-800 meters below," and the mention of a mysterious discovery of cave explorers "to 1500 m below the surface." I think readers — professional cave explorers do not need to remind you that the mine is 517 m deep Soldier remains the deepest Crimean cavity itself is an engineering and thickness of the Upper Main limestone ridge ends at around 500 meters.
As for the "saints" of caves, then such are indeed taken place in the Crimea and were linked to the existence of these places of worship in the life of monks or hermits. These include Basmanskie caves, cave MAN, Yeni-Sala, Danilcha, Iograf, grottoes Kirk-Aziz, Ai-Serres, Ai-Sawa, Ai-Danil, I-Proclus, Kilse-cob. But all this is just a small cavity, usually caves, which have nothing to do with the description that came up to them, Mr. Panasenko. Well, the revelations about the cave in which locked up "green dragon" … this is the competence of doctors.
Over all these messages that appear and will continue to appear in the media reports, you can only laugh. But when they become too much when ordinary citizens seriously is interested them and believe them, and serious science or silent, and no one believes her, then there is not just an annoyance — it then becomes a sad and creepy. Irritation occurs, because such nonsense gets on the pages of serious publications coming out in book form, while the serious literature on karst and cave exploring ordered to live long for lack of funds. It's a shame for those (and there are not so few) who read these "sensations" and believe them. Weirdly for those who grow up on the basis of this fiction. Remember how you were intoxicated books N. Custer or Dublyansky as you swallowed Verne and D. London. I do not think that after these books you grew up poor people that you have changed the dream of his youth. But who will be those who read about the "green dragon" and "alien bases" in the Crimean caves? Do not even want to think about it.
Way out of this situation, there is only one — to fight with their weapons: true knowledge. Responding to publication of incriminating publications in the press, and not just laugh at it all somewhere in the company of like-minded people. After all, a little germ can grow very quickly into a serious illness. It is therefore important that the microbe to strangle in the bud.

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