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Vela Shtylveld, Igor Sokol
God Nibiru — the one that crosses the heart of Tiamat tirelessly: "Let his name will be" Crossing "- the name of the person who is in the middle."

Sumerian epic

According to the texts of the ancient Sumerians, in the solar system, there is another one-twelfth (?) On account of the planet. Her name Nibiru, and it is larger than the Earth is three or four times. Nibiru has a very elongated orbit, making one revolution around the sun makes for 3,600 years. Having gone to the farthest point of the orbit, it is three times farther from the Sun than Pluto in its aphelion. Nibiru appears near the sun once in almost four thousand years. The appearance of such a large mass of the terrestrial planets causes significant gravitational perturbations.

On Nibiru, according to the American scholar Alan Alford, already 300,000 years, there is a highly technological civilization. 272,183 years have passed since then, as the aliens from the planet using its approach to the Sun, landed for the first time on this Earth. Rather, they were interested in the mineral resources of the earth.

In 1976 he published a book of Zechariah Sitchin's "The 12th Planet", which spawned a lot of controversy. The main source quoted in the book "The 12th Planet" Bible verse is the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Zecharia Sitchin has made an attempt to compare the verses cited in the book, with the existing translations and the original text, as well as the texts of parallel Sumerian and Akkadian myths and legends to arrive at the most faithful interpretation of them.

Days of Creation

Unfortunately, we did not reach any Sumerian creation myth, and Zechariah Sitchin is based on a later Akkadian myth "Enuma Elish". However, the course of events presented in the "Enuma Elish", according to the researchers, does not quite match the traditional concept of the Sumerians, despite the fact that the majority of subjects mifologemnyh it borrowed from the Sumerian beliefs.

The content of the epic, of course, with large reductions can be expressed as follows. In the beginning there was only water and chaos. From this terrible chaos gods were born first. Over the centuries, some of them decided to establish order in the world. This aroused the indignation of God abzu and his wife Tiamat, the monstrous goddess of chaos. The rebels were united under the guidance of the wise god Ea and killed Abzu. Tiamat, depicted in the form of a dragon, decided to take revenge for the death of her husband. Then the gods of the order led to the bloody battle of Marduk killed Tiamat and her huge body was cut into two parts, one of which became the land, and the other stars. A blood abzu mixed with clay, and from this mix came the first man.

As well read "Enuma Elish" Sitchin?

Wandering planet Marduk (in Akkadian version — Madre) came into the solar system. The fact that the trajectory of its motion initially ran past Neptune, then Uranus, indicating that it was moving in a clockwise direction opposite to the direction of motion of the rest of the planets around the sun. The overall effect of gravity of all the other planets of Marduk swept into the heart of the newly formed solar system, leading to a collision with the planet Tiamat, in orbit between Mars and Jupiter (in the later Greek version — Phaeton). Marduk's satellites crashed into the planet Tiamat and split it. The upper part of the liquid Tiamat — its "crown" — was seized large satellite of Marduk and moved to another orbit, forming the Earth-Moon system. The final act of the creation of the universe occurred in the time of the secondary return of Marduk in place of the celestial battle. This time Marduk merged with the rest of Tiamat, becoming Nibiru — Planet intersection, and scattered debris gathered in the asteroid belt or steel comets. Here indeed an analogy with the Days of Creation in Genesis (first and second) and sura of the Qur'an:

"Do the infidels, that heaven and earth were previously one continuous whole, and we tore it up and created from water every living thing?"

A modern astrophysical data tell us about the ancient catastrophe, so that the earth's "creation" could wear the uniform space-based global destruction:

Try to understand. According to the world Sumerian god Nibiru was destined to return to the site of the battle-space disaster, where she crossed the path of Tiamat. Scientifically speaking, the perihelion of Nibiru's orbit must lie in the region of the asteroid belt, which is far enough to have much of the electromagnetic and gravitational effects on Earth. In any case, Mars and Venus are closer — and nothing terrible happens.

But why do we not see Nibiru now? Zecharia Sitchin believes, because its orbit has a significant eccentricity and inclination to the ecliptic plane. And Nibiru is now quite far away, with a long period of treatment. Today we know that the Sumerians associated with Nibiru supreme god Anu, the greatness of his SAR — "Supreme Ruler." But at the same time SAR means and completed the cycle and the number of 3600 — although in some places suggest another meaning of the number 2160. Sitchin also came to the conclusion that the duration of the motion in the orbit of Nibiru is 3600 Earth years.

On Nibiru was a civilization — Sumerian gods

The Sumerians called their gods the Anunnaki. They were tall beings 3.5-5 m height. This brings to mind the biblical giants, children of God — the Nephilim! Surprisingly, the Anunnaki were not immortal, though their life cycle was about 360 thousand earth years. In general, the relationship between the gods were quite human. At the head was the supreme ruler — An and ran all his children — the Anunnaki.

According to Sitchin, about 450,000 years ago, there was a problem "with air" Nibiru and its solution took a lot of gold. We should immediately make a reservation, we are, apparently, was about the technology you use gold to maintain a functional living space on the planet Nibiru. In this sense, the Earth just colossally bad luck! In all historic times gold on it just rained from the sky! After all, it is dissolved in the cosmic dust that falls each year on Earth in the order of several hundred tons. Historically formed the earth geophysics holds gold and infiltrating into a real planetary ligature, the purpose of which was to interest scientists only recently. It seems that gold piping world is no accident.

By this time, the Anunnaki are able to make small space flights, and 400 thousand years ago, when the orbit of Nibiru and Earth once again converged, the Anunnaki came to Earth. The main goal has been mining gold. (Dates given here are taken from the royal lists, called while the mythical reign of the gods.)

Led the first expedition of the project "the god of wisdom and the Sea" by Enki. But when a few thousand years on earth commercialize new expedition, the overall leadership passed to the "god of the air," Enlil and Enki were left behind seas and Africa (Totenwelt — "land of the dead") — or, in the views of Sitchin, African mines and sea transport . (Stop! But in Africa were subsequently legendary mines of King Solomon's Jewish! — VS)

Every 3600 years, with the next approaching Nibiru mined gold dispatched to their home planet. Transshipment base was established in the lower reaches of the Euphrates (now Iraq). However, in 100-150 thousand years bo-gi-miners murmured, and to help them man was created.

In the Rift Valley in Ethiopia, where, according to Sitchin, mined gold and was created by a man — gold and rudodobytchik, not worse Mesopotamia. But in the course of history between the gods themselves had to make war, and Zechariah Sitchin believes that al-Hadid, we can see traces of a nuclear attack, although there is some information Vabar crater — it's only a trace of the meteorite.

Around 13,000 years ago, the need for further extraction of gold has disappeared, and it was decided to destroy mankind. Particularly close passage of Nibiru to evoke change in the axis of rotation of the Earth, accompanied by a giant tidal wave. The gods have decided not to save people. Yet people survived.

As already mentioned, the planet Nibiru every 3600 years closer to Earth. This convergence does not go to our mother without a trace. According to A. Alford, in 10983 BC, when Nibiru was between Venus and the Earth at a distance of 12 million kilometers with a small on Earth began Deluge. Pull of the giant planet's atmosphere have been raised in the huge mass of water, which then collapsed onto the surface of the Earth. Earth civilization and most of the plant and animal world ceased to exist. The aliens knew in advance about the inevitability of the flood and made arrangements ahead of time to save the most valuable — remember described in the Bible, Noah's ark. However, people took them in so far as, in the world of them bred without an account, and they have not always been respectful towards the "gods."

According to the concept of Alford, many gods of antiquity — Enlil (Supreme God), He (God of Wisdom), Ptah (demiurge-skilled engineer), Inanna (Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Astarte), Marduk, and the others were aliens from the planet Nibiru. They really existed, ruled cities and kingdoms of the earth, and often bitterly fought each other.

Since the second half of the XV century BC embarking on a major migration of population, the emergence of new cultures and countries. Guests (and maybe the owners?) From the planet Nibiru stayed on Earth for about 1300 years.

Around 200 BC Nibiru was again near the sun. It was then for reasons unknown to us the aliens left Earth completely.

Many thoughtful readers may arise legitimate question — what kind of stories and who invented them? The answer is simple: in the vaults and archives of many museums in the world (especially British) kept a great many cuneiform tablets of ancient manuscripts, papyri and other artifacts. Some of them are transcribed, and from them that the extracted data information. However, the vast majority of manuscripts still remain a mystery.

After the flood, the human life span dramatically decreased. Do not go after the flood experiment gods in a new direction? There has been a strong climate change. However, the theory of tidal waves from the gravitational interaction with Nibiru, being coordinated with signs of tectonic activity, does not explain all the consequences of the cataclysm that period, namely uneven climate change. All meteorite hypothesis explains, and calculation shows that for the observed effect of 12,000 years ago was enough of a meteorite the size of the order of 50 km. Although the fall of the meteorite, and could also be a "divine craft", and in fact precisely engineering calculations:

I would like to add that one of the ancient Sumerian cities — Nippur, the city of Enlil, in fact, was called in Sumerian NIBRU. KI, which means "Place of Nibiru on Earth." The Sumerians called the location of the city — DUR. AN. KI — "Communication of Heaven to Earth." Appointment of Nippur revealed thanks to the Sumerian inscriptions mention "high tower that reaches the sky," as well as the pictorial marking god Enlil — "Ruler orders" — this icon shows the tower (possibly a radar or other connecting worlds setting).


So what is it that prompted Sitchin on the identification of ancient gods "mythical" of the universe to the solar system? This Akkadian cylinder seal of the III millennium BC, which is now on display at the State Museum in Berlin. This print depicts eleven circles arranged around a large circle with six beams — apparently representing the Sun. If we start analyzing the spheres from the right end sector and move counter-clockwise, can be found in Figure undeniable similarities with the scheme of the solar system, both in size and in the position of the planets. With the exception of Pluto, which is shown in its original position — as a satellite of Saturn, this figure shows the ancient world in the form in which they existed after Nibiru collision with Tiamat. But between Mars and Jupiter is a large circle, about three times the size of Earth, which does not match any of the currently known planets. It can not just be a coincidence that in the "Enuma Elish" accurately describes the status of this planet, or "god."

There is no doubt that during the formation of the solar system, some planet experienced a strong impact force. Suffice it to say that the modern "supine" position of Uranus, the axis of which is inclined to the ecliptic at 980, apparently the result of a collision with a large enough body. Abnormal rotation of Venus and Pluto, too, can be explained only by the hypothesis of an "external" interactions. The opening of a satellite of Pluto — Charon made it possible to accurately determine the mass of Pluto, and found that it is much less than expected. This allowed mathematically, with a high degree of accuracy, check out the deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune.

In this regard, two astronomers from the Naval Observatory in Washington rekindled the idea of a planet X. But these two astronomers — Robert Harrington and Tom Van Flandern went much further — with the help of mathematical models, they showed that the planet X pushed Pluto and Charon from their former positions of the satellites of Neptune. They also suggested that the planet was invaded by 3-4 times the size of Earth, and that probably it was captured into orbit around the Sun's rotation, and this orbit must have highly eccentric, highly inclined to the plane of rotation around the sun and its period of rotation around the sun is very high. As if the scientists used for its report, excerpts from the "Enuma Elish"!

The creation of man

In 1915, Stephen Langdon has published a text entitled "The Sumerian Epic of Paradise, the Flood and the fall of man." This event was the starting point for targeted research, and now about how, on the proposal of the Sumerians, the gods created man, known to many.

These new creatures called in Sumerian texts LU.LU, which literally means "mixed." Zecharia Sitchin believes that the above words of the Earth taken on clay, which is the "young gods who know" is brought to the desired condition may mean that man was created as a hybrid of God and primitive humanoid. So many facts point to a discrepancy Homo Sapiens accepted theory of evolution.

Nibiru is already visible in the sky

Oddly enough, have survived the drawings and writings of astronomers Sumerian civilization clearly state that, according to ancient legend, the solar system consisted of 12 celestial bodies, including the sun, moon and 10 planets. That's 10, not 9, now known.

Just a few years ago it was — nine. But more recently, studying the trajectory of American spacecraft "Pioneer 10" and "Pioneer 11", a member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Pasadena, John Anderson came to the conclusion that, apparently, there is also the tenth planet "X" (we call it — The 12th Planet). 12th planet is visible to the human eye, but to notice it, you need to know the position of the stars. Now the 12th Planet has a brightness of about magnitude +2.0 and is the same size as a star that is visible to the naked eye. It does not shine with the intensity of most of the stars, and emits a dull diffused light, has an even glow. Although the size of the 12 th planet is 4 times larger than the Earth, and therefore greater than that of Mars or Pluto, it is now at a much greater distance and thus its visibility is not comparable with the visibility of Mars or Pluto.

The accuracy of the prediction approach of the planet will be better defined in the last year by the reaction of the Earth. This is a question that can not be predicted accurately, as there are too many variables that affect this process in its approach, but the core of the Earth is already responding, and this is reflected rising temperature of the oceans around the world. The next feature that should be mentioned — increasing volcanic activity, larger and more frequent earthquakes around the world …

The Secret Doctrine 3 (121) February 2004

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