Now global warming blamed bacteria

February 1, 2013. Bacteria and fungi inhabited even adjustment even 9000 meters. Scientists believe that they can influence the weather on our planet.

A team of scientists studying hurricanes, found in samples of thin air from a height of about 9000 meters a world of bacteria and fungi, drifting above the Earth.

In principle, the study of bacteria that live in the atmosphere has been going on for a long time, but usually the researchers rise to the top of the mountains, and working with microbes that fell along with the fresh snow. Thus, the community is "in the air" microorganisms remained long time unexplored — considers participating in the study, Athanasios Nenes of Technology, the University of Georgia.

Nenes and his colleagues are studying bacteria samples collected in time 9 flights on a specially equipped NASA aircraft made before, during time and after the storm "Earl" and "Carl". The flights were conducted in 2010 over the Caribbean region and the Atlantic Ocean at an altitude of about 9.5 kilometers above the surface of our planet.

Air samples have already told the scientists that at this altitude mikroogranizmov lives much more than previously thought and that the addition of bacteria in the atmosphere are mushrooming. "Altitude microcosm of life" demonstrates the unique vitality and may affect the rate of formation of clouds and precipitation on the planet. It appears that microorganisms perform altitude "circumnavigating" promoting including distribution of various diseases.

Source: News Gismeteo

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