Nuclear submarines — a comparison of projects

Nuclear submarines - a comparison of projects

One recognizable beekeeper Albert Einstein at one point dropped a catch phrase: «While there are live bees will live and the human race.» In a sense, the same can be said about nuclear submarines. These nuclear missile bees are working day and night, plowing depths of the ocean, and particularly from their strategic survival depends at least some power. But what we know about the submarine cruisers and whose nuclear «sting» steeper.

South American strategic nuclear submarines of class «Ohio»

Nuclear submarines - a comparison of projects

Length class nuclear submarines «Ohio» is impressive — 170 sq. It is almost one and a half football fields, and they are listed as one of the quietest submarines in the world. But makes them unique is not it, and placed on board a number of nuclear missiles — 24. So arsenal can boast neither submarine on the planet.

For the first time nuclear submarines went to sea first 80th and hitherto ply the world’s oceans. First submarine «Ohio» was put into operation in November 1981, and the eighteenth and final submarine of the account «Louisiana» — the fall of 1997.

Despite the impressive size of such a submarine is very difficult, as they are virtually silent. South American shipbuilders managed to achieve this due to special design of the outer hull of the submarine. Light body is the outer shell of nuclear submarine that absolutely closes the main body and makes a streamlined submarine. Void between buildings filled with water. This makes the submarine floating and very maneuverable. Specifically, such a design feature of American submarines made them so silent that hydroacoustic stations detect enemy submarines, these are actually not.
While on patrol, even managers do not know where is the nuclear submarine know it until just a few people. Extraordinary secrecy no way for a submarine. Class nuclear submarine «Ohio» can stay underwater almost indefinitely, the only thing that can limit the term of the submarine campaign — it supplies caterer. Nuclear fuel nuclear submarine missing for 20 years.

But the main pride of nuclear submarines, for which they received the title of another of its own class, are ballistic missiles system «Trident». The length of each of them is 13 m, weight of 65 tons. They own a truly destructive force and can kill the enemy at a distance of 10,000 km. Launch «Trident» armed with 10 nuclear warheads are independent, with each of them, you can specify a separate line. So Makar, only one nuclear submarine can control the diameter of the immense area of ​​20,000 km.
Submarine crew — 172 people.

nuclear submarine missile «Tomahawk»
Nuclear submarines - a comparison of projects

But soon, according to the South American military experts at the START-2 retool class nuclear submarine «Ohio», replacing the Trident nuclear missiles to launch Tomahawk. According to experts without nuclear missiles remain the most old submarine «USS Ohio» (SSBN726), «USS Michigan» (SSBN 727), «USS Florida» (SSBN 728), «USS Georgia» (SSBN 729). This will not affect the balance of the U.S. nuclear power, because 50 percent of the nuclear missile potential of America is in the depths of the oceans.

Thanks to the new look at the future of American sea power, fully modern and very expensive class submarines «Ohio» to leave without cause, and even more unwise to scrap. Because without their own brain caliber subs turned into a huge multi-purpose submarine with a nuclear power plant. According to the views of military professionals submarine «Ohio» fit for the role in the conflicts in all regions of the planet. Scaffolds their new theater should be the continental shelf areas and small sea. Massive nuclear submarines «Ohio» will carry an arsenal of missiles «Tomahawk» that exceeds 130 units. This potential will be identical to the latest U.S. strategy coastal littoral. South American analysts believe that a massive strike «Tomahawk» fails to block any country in the world, even more so in the coming years is expected emergence of the latest generation of cruise missiles. Their range will be doubled, and flight speed by 5 times. Missiles «Tomahawk» XXI century will be supersonic and if you want to be redirected to another flight to other objects.

nuclear submarines «Shark»
Nuclear submarines - a comparison of projects

In the Russian Federation, South American nuclear submarines can match third-generation submarine «Severstal» type «Akula». Submarine built in 1989. It is the world’s largest submarine. It is exactly twice class submarines «Ohio». The crew of 150 people. Interior space is so large that a submarine has a sauna.

Nuclear submarines - a comparison of projects

Aboard submarines of this type (ordering NATO «Typhoon») located the true giants — ballistic missiles «Option», which achieves weight 90 tons. In each of their 10 nuclear warheads with personal guidance, while they can be run at intervals of a few seconds. A means for the enemy could collapse the real flow of power and fire. But most importantly, the strength of this impact will be 1,400 times more than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Such an attack fails to reflect no air defense in the world. However, in this range missiles 8500 km, and this rather to kill the target on another continent. On a nuclear submarine «Shark» their 20 units. In addition Russian intercontinental missiles «Option» can be run from a depth of 55 meters. It is the best in the world. Best volleys and can not prevent bad weather. Armament of this submarine so massive that during the War of cool nuclear submarines of this class were watching NATO surface ships, submarines and special who called hunters.

Unlike the Russian nuclear submarines South American submarine created to serve in the open ocean in comparable latitudes warm, and «Shark» was specifically designed to go under the Arctic ice, because it can knock ice chopping width of 2.5 meters. Now class submarines «Shark» converted to the latest test of a ballistic missile «Bulava». Three nuclear submarines dismantled, and the remaining two hitherto listed on the Russian Navy, but they moored and do not go into the ocean.

class submarine, «Northwind»
Nuclear submarines - a comparison of projects

His replacement huge submarines of the «Shark» Russian Navy received the latest nuclear submarine class «Northwind». First submarine of this type was launched in 2010. Many production technology secret, but one thing is clear — brand new submarine and a half times faster own predecessors and develops underwater speed of 35 knots. A modern aboard submarines will be located intercontinental ballistic missile «Bulava».

Stealth and speed make nuclear submarines harsh instrument. Until such time as the deep ocean will not reach for the sonar, the submarine will remain the most dangerous to our planet means of warfare.

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