Ob river level reached historic lows. Video


27.10.11.Dolgozhdanny rain passed this morning. This fall, rare and, at best, short-term. Precisely because of its lack of water level in the Ob fell to a record low. Of the shallow water of the Ob basin not been seen in the last hundred years.

Today it is the water in the reservoir is so small that the winter will be on the level of 6.5 meters below normal.

Vladimir Maltsev, Chief Expert "Upper Ob-Water Basin": "Very early in the year ended August 17 navigation releases from mid-September and crossed to maintain the minimum marks required for work on city water."

All this to the city was left without water. But there is another problem. The fish will be trapped in the ice. Already, experts predict a massive loss of ichthyofauna.
Aground 25,000 hectares of water area — is the second part of the Ob basin. After the water shortage in 2003 and it, fishing, according to official statistics, has missed 200 tonnes of fish. At that time, according to ichthyologists, the losses will be greater.

Eugene Upadyshev, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries "Verkhneobrybvod": "In order to somehow reduce the negative effects should be smooth first drawdown of the reservoir, and second in problem areas of the Altai Territory and Pechegovskom shallow need to make a number of rescue activities involve aerators, drilling holes, creating lanes to somehow oxygen conditions improve for fish. "

Partly funded rescue the federal budget. But the money is allocated to support the fish fauna is small. The reservoir should be at least three stationary observation points. We — two. You bet on the users of natural resources. By law, if you take — and must be repaid. So give the fish to the air by those who catch them.

Julia Rostyazhenko

Source: STRC "Novosibirsk"

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