Ob River near Barnaul dramatically shallow. Photo


Photo: Altapress.ru

27.09.11. -27 September the water level in the river Ob was 8 inches above the zero graph gauges. September 26 — 10 centimeters, September 23 — 22 centimeters.

During the last five days of the Ob shoaled by 14 centimeters. As they say boatman, Ob before autumn melela. But not so.

Incidentally, during the spring flood critical mark While the water near Barnaul is 540 cm above ground of a gauge chart.

Vladimir Samusev,
Head of JI in the waters of the Altai Territory:

The water level in the Ob to date is only in winter. So it's safe to say that this shoaling deep river — an anomaly. If this continues, Ob soon become as Chumysh or Charysh.

According altapress.ru, ships "Moscow", which are laid up in rechportu Barnaul, display pushers with parking areas — that technology is not "grown into" in the sand. Rescue boats are now in the village of Zaton — because the water (sand) for parking hangar does not get.

The Department of Water Resources Upper Ob river basin water management for the Altai Territory altapress.ru explained that the disaster due to shoaling Obi not. Just this year, received very little precipitation. If in October-November rains still pass over the Altai Territory, the water level to normal. If the rain is not — the water level in the Ob go into "cons." Incidentally, such a rapid shoaling deep river is periodically — every 15 or 20 years.

Also, notice the staff departments, a similar situation with the river Biya — it is not enough that shoaled, but changed course. Shoaled also due to lack of rainfall.

However, there is another version of Obi shoaling in rechporta. According to river transport workers, it was because of the dredger. Simply — engineering "rake" Money for sand for construction purposes.

As shoaling effect on Ob fish? Specialists Altai branch FSBI "Upper Ob fisheries management and conservation of marine biological resources," said Obi shoaling fish are not threatened. Fish looking for deeper and where the winter goes into the pits. And pits where winters fish, Obi abound. Also management specialists reported that the upper Ob fish kills do not happen. Zamora happen in "the lower Ob '- where the water goes into the river swamp.

Author: Larisa Vasilyeva

Photo: Oleg Bogdanov

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Source: Altapress.ru

Photo: Oleg Bogdanov

Photo: Oleg Bogdanov

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