Objects of state significance protect non-existent soldiers or Dead Souls 2

Objects of national importance protect non-existent soldiers, or Dead Souls 2Poem "Dead Souls" all learned in school, but far not all have decided to embody. As it turns out, the immortal cause Chichikov continues to live in our state. Do not have time to deal with the scandal in the "second honey Moscow" when enrolled in the list were people who did not even apply for admission — and here's a new scandal. So what! It turned out, our principal strategic objects (Kurchatov Institute, Trinity TSITI, enterprises of "Rosatom") is guarded by the same "dead souls" — soldiers who did not come to the service for months, or even years.

With such information, stunned made Col. Tormashov, commander of one of the parts of the MIA, just the same, and dedicated to the protection of fundamental gosobektov (VGO). Edward Tormashov was appointed commander of the unit in 2009, the year and took his destiny in a very harsh military position as a reward for many years for the perfect job. But when we first met with his own recent work colonel realized that merit is its purpose well, did not name. Try to understand why.

Like any self-respecting commander (chief) 'which is currently the latest post Tormashov decided to take a closer look with the staff of the part where he had the "honor" to work with. First Tormashov was glad to learn that in part are only contract. Fewer problems with hazing, training dopey eighteen boys. But the situation was far more difficult.

Colonel, realizing how important a puzzle designed to address this part of the military, decided to drill to review in the same place at the same time to behold almost all staff of the unit is not occupied on guard duty. But almost every officer tried to dissuade Tormashova part of the show of this. Col., according to him, with all my heart did not realize why he was willing to subordinate all means to prevent holding of drill the show. Beginning to understand the existence of such an occasion, Edward Tormashov concluded that the drill parade in this part is not held for the full 14 years! For the ordinary part of the Internal Troops, well, for at least some part of the Armed Forces, it's nonsense to refer to another as it is impossible. Next to emerge were the true background of the officers of such behavior. As it turns out, the lists of personnel was full of names that correspond to those for a long time does not appear on the service. In the first building Tormashov were missing an entire weave soldiers. And this despite the fact that in this part of the service are about 800. The colonel himself says that he has come into a nightmare from which picture before it opened.

Next, he decided to "walk" on those posts, which are entrusted to protect the military part of it. It was found that where there is supposed to lead a "vigilant service" 10 soldiers, security VGO produced only 5. With all of this to one hour had to "serve" the two posts at once. As they say, "and for the guy."

Colonel Tormashov was started without the help of others to look for people who are considered part of the lists, but in fact were found. He was able to find anyone in Moscow, someone in the suburbs, someone had to move to the Far East. Anyone until the destination Tormashova hastily retired from the MVD and without the knowledge of the man, both with and without the knowledge of the staff of the unit in it on. Taking advantage of his official position, Tormashov began to start criminal proceedings against contractors who evade service. With all of this, he brought to the attention of the authorities discovered their own particular "flaws." Surprisingly, but this is a cool concrete boss reacted to the zeal of Colonel Tormashova. Even after Col. said of "dead souls" military prosecutor of Moscow, no reinforced measures to search for "missing person" was taken. Only a few people from the list of "dead shower"Got suspended sentences, plus one — a colony-settlement. Many of the same unit commanders that part remained in their places.

But the military prosecutor's office, usually in Russia, became interested by Colonel Tormashovym. Against him here were concocted several things at once. In this case, the most unusual thing — thing about that Tormashov sheltered from the top management of their own lack of military personnel in the workplace. It turns out that the accused Tormashova exactly what he tried to make out! In addition, the colonel accused of extortion from contractors. These requisitions prosecutors called what Tormashov made arrangements with certain contractors, so that they themselves repaired to own a residence empty room in the barracks.

We'll see who and why it can be beneficial to the arrest of Colonel Tormashova. The answer can be found almost on the surface. In 1-x, if Tormashov found missing in the service, but are present in the lists of military means are, by definition, "received" foreign exchange allowance. More precisely speaking, they did not receive anything, and here, the units cleverly divided the money among themselves, not zapamyatyvaya "unfasten" own boss. If the contractor allowance multiplied by the number of "dead shower"(Even 100), that came out this month decency amount — about 1.5 million rubles! That's why no one in part or in the middle of superiors did not want to wash dirty linen in public this rotten. And if the litter has already been passed, and the founder of his removal — Tormashov, the urgent need to blame all his failures specifically. After all, if the time missed, the hats will fly to the higher commanders. Because at the Colonel Tormashova as only recently at the major-whistleblowers MIA Matveeva, and criminal proceedings were instituted.

If it comes to rendering the colonel charged, it will be yet another shocking case in Russia, where the same truth for his people sent to prison, so they did not get what is called, further and higher.

People still think, and one we such a part, in which "serve", "dead souls", and undead souls are fed dog food. Maybe, just Tormashovyh colonels and majors Matveev we still not enough to put an end to lawlessness?

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