Ocean Dreams (Livovska newspaper, Ukraine)

Ocean Dreams ("Livovska newspaper", Ukraine)Not so long ago the world's media have spread sensational news — the Russian nuclear submarine virtually unnoticed last month was in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the United States. About a daring march of Russian sailors, it became clear only after they have left the area nestled patrols. As it turns out, the Americans missed multipurpose nuclear submarine (APL) Project 971 "Pike-B" (according to the systematization of NATO — "Shark") capable of carrying long-range cruise missiles.

In Washington, such rudeness on the part of the Russians decided not to comment. But the chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the chief editor of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko no secret of ecstasy: "Such a combat mission worthy of respect. It shows that the potential is preserved in Russia, and the country is ready for such shares, which will provide the prestige and honor to our fleet. Combat Duty nuclear submarines off the coast of a potential enemy — is a normal part of a planned military operation of the fleet. It is abnormal that in 1990 almost finished our homeland to conduct such operations. Today's event demonstrates that our naval fleet vorachivaetsya to previous options combat service. "

"Northwind", "Ash" and "Mistral"

It should be noted that the Russians have warned the first year to resume patrolling the oceans. In February, Chief of the Navy Vladimir Vysotsky has officially stated that "on June 1 or a bit later than our native land for the first time in 26 years, will return its strategic submarine cruisers to continuous combat patrols in the neutral international waters." Chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov idea of continuous renewal of Russian submarines patrolling the oceans gladly approved.

Need to pay tribute to the Russians — making sounding statements, they took care of their logistics. Plans weapons Russian Navy are staggering. 2012, the first edition of the "Kommersant" wrote that the state armaments program there in 2011 — 2020 on the development of the Russian Navy foreseen budget of about 4.7 trillion rubles.

Since 2020 St. Andrew's flag unfurled on 10 missile submarines (nuclear submarine) Project 955 "Borey" (according to other sources, there will be eight), 7 multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 885 "Ash", 20 non-nuclear submarines (out of 6 — Project 636.3 "Varshavyanka"), 14 frigates, 35 corvettes, 6 small artillery ships Project 2163.0 'Desperado', 6 large amphibious ships project 1171.1, 4 French-made helicopter carrier "Mistral".

Regarding the latter — the first ship this class has already begun to build on the French shipyard in Saint-Nazaire. As expected, the helicopter entered service Russian Navy in 2015. In this case, France will build for Russia only the first two "Mistral", two more will make Russian shipbuilders on licenses granted by the French.

Do not stand still and programm construction of new nuclear submarines. First submarine Project 885 "Ash" under the title "Severodvinsk" at this point is tested in Snow White and the sea to enter the Navy until the end of 2012. Follow submarine of this class — "Kazan" — should get off the slipway in 2015.

And the first-born of Project 955 "Borey" nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky", apparently, will join the Russian Navy still faster (according to preliminary plans, it had to happen on July 29, a day Russian Navy). But there remains one unresolved problem — the submarine is brought up to standard, but also the 1st additional tests requested the main striking force of the new Premier League — intercontinental sea-based ballistic missile R-30 "Bulava". "In adopting the" Yury Dolgoruky "and missile" Bulava "it is necessary that the team was on the run from the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces command and control through the system specifically for the launcher Underwater boats, located in the submerged, and not in "manual mode" as it was before, "- said the" military panorama, "a source in the Russian military-industrial complex.

In addition, the second nuclear submarine project 955 "Borey" under the title "Alexander Nevsky", according to calculations, should enter into the Russian Navy's first in 2013.

And then — according to plan.

By the way, the Russians have not forgotten about the "small" theater of naval operations. Not so long ago in the Russian Caspian Flotilla was inaugurated a new missile frigate "Dagestan" (project 11661, to systematize NATO — Gepard). The ship, which read, unique. According to Russian media reports, it is equipped with all the modern stealth technology, which helps to distort the real scale of the ship and change the magnetic field of the vessel, which is very difficult to detect enemy radar facilities.

But the main feature of "Dagestan" is that it is — the first ship of the Russian Navy, armed with a versatile missile system 'Caliber-NK ", able to use several types of high-precision missiles famous American counterparts" Hatchet. " In addition, on board — rapid-firing guns and anti-aircraft fire system, which makes the "Dagestan" functional ship, able to act not only as part of the flotilla, and without the help of others. According to the developers, to the status of the frigate except that it lacks anti-submarine weapons.

The most powerful navy asks sushi

Naval science has long taught: if you want to have the seas — create (or grabs) basing points on the coast. None of the fleet is not able to do their tasks well in the oceans, not having a network of naval bases.

It would seem, why Russians think of themselves ocean rivals the Yankees, whose bases scattered around the world. In RF — sealed in the inner Baltic Sea and Black Sea fleets, and more — and the North Pacific, with limited potential theaters of war.

But it is worth remembering, say, Tartous — Syrian port where the item is located logistics (E & P) Russian Navy — place-based Russian warships in the Mediterranean Sea. No wonder the official Kremlin is so stubbornly covers all the belligerent resolution of the West regarding the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Back in 2010 there began to modernize, after which a moderate E & P has the potential to become a real naval base with the possibility of basing the languid ships, including cruisers and aircraft carriers. The strategic importance of the base in Tartus, of course: there are a gateway to the Reddish Sea through the Suez Canal and to the expanse of the Atlantic (via Gibraltar) — just a few days of transition.

And Cam Ranh Bay — a naval base in Vietnam on the coast of the South China Sea, which is considered one of the best deep-water ports. The USSR did here the super-powerful naval base area of almost 100 square meters. km. However, in 2001, our home for some reason decided not to renew the contract of lease and evacuated personnel and equipment. But who was that the status quo is difficult to resume?

By the way, not only in Vietnam, and in the oceans? In the Gulf of Mexico, the Americans have already pierced. To be continued …

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