Oilers hide environmental disaster near Nakhodka


Employees unloading station themselves eliminate spills and do not let strangers

06.09.12. Workers' specialized sea oil port "Kozmino" hide probably ecological catastrophe near Nakhodka in the Primorye related to the oil spill in the OF OIL station.

Its employees themselves eliminate spills and are not allowed to foreign territory, told Trend. RIA PrimaMedia villagers Wrangell.

Prospective oil spill occurred near the village and the village Hmylovka Wrangell. At 19:00 on June 1 drain rail racks SMNP "Kozmino" chamber SOD accident. Eyewitnesses claim that the oil gusher beat up light poles, a few tens of meters around spattered grass and trees.

Much oil spilled, some fell into the creek, which flows into the Hmylovka. Accident eliminated in the morning June 2, and oil-contaminated soil from the site were taken several days. The scale is also difficult to establish what happened, but according to some sources has spread from 6 to 50 cubic meters of oil, on the other — much more.

Residents of the nearby village tried to do to understand the situation, assess the magnitude of wind at the accident site, but exhibited on site security forbade photographing anything even outside the racks.

Employees unloading station themselves eliminate spills and do not let strangers

"We went and tried to take pictures, we wrapped the guard — written on social networks people Wrangell — still have not cleared the creek, which flows into the Hmylovku. Hard workers hauling a stretcher with the ground, in a creek running excavator and two cars in the fray do not remember what. " Probably because of interest in what has happened, now there is an additional barrier to put up. "

Now there is a barrier for 800 meters to the entrance put — told Trend. RIA PrimaMedia Wrangell resident Helen. — A forest of hard to see. Already planning do. Saw a car with the screenings, which we call in there — and all. But downstream checked — clean creek, was not allowed, so it oil, blocked somehow. "

Author: Archive PrimaMedia territory immediately began pour

Drain railroad overpasses are Paddy Birch, north-east of the village of Wrangell (Coast). Covering up the situation that most concerns people living in close proximity to the pier. Some residents worried again about drinking water quality and the possible environmental disaster. Recall, the settlement had already experienced a severe crisis of drinking water last winter.

"No we do not give comments — tell people Wrangell — ringing in Seaside Rosprirodnadzor — there are aware of this, but does not comment. Press is silent, silent power. We do not know how serious it is and how it can affect our lives. "

Increased access control Author: Archive PrimaMedia

Meanwhile, in EMERCOM in Primorsky information could not confirm the spill. On these cases, no one in the management did not report, to address the consequences of the company not prosili.

Information: Composition of objects SMNP "Kozmino" includes: two bilateral rail unloading racks at 74 rail tank cars of each with a set of associated facilities, a corridor of communication from the site drain w / d racks to tank farms, oil storage tank farm with (7 × 50 000 cubic meters) Technological berth for tankers of 80-150 tons, four sea Stender for filling oil.

Source: PrimaMedia

Ros-Trans oil conceals an ecological disaster in Nakhodka.

Moreover, as I said on the phone firefighter — "spill — is a state secret, and we're not talking to people about it, we were given the oath."
In both, eptit. That is killing us — and those who are to protect us — silent because they were given the oath.

Whoever tore ass for refineries in Nakhodka? Here they have not begun to work, and they already have an accident and the "state secrets."
And one can not understand how the activities of the state can be a mystery?

But nothing can be secret forever.

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