Oleg Vereshchagin. Education Warrior

Article posted for the first time in 2007

Teachers debauchery

In the summer of 2002 in one of the suburban towns there was completely ordinary story of our time. Two "close friends"-sixth graders went to ride a bike to the abandoned village. There came upon a homeless person. What happened then — to outline what? As no need to read and that the homeless could not be found.

One of the detectives who drove a consequence, marveled: "For all of us to this day it remains a mystery why the boys did not run away. After all, it did not have any obstacles. Besides, the boys did not shy 10-ka, well, look years older than their own. incomprehensible story. "

And really, for me, too — fatally incomprehensible! I already wrote about it in their own articles, and promised to come back to the topic. And going back, although some people may seem like the beginning of weird.

Why not just go run away? Why does not the homeless people marked (do not believe that would not cope alone, I beheld a cross between a sketch of this Koshchey with Egyptian mummy!)? Why a "close friend" on the orders of an unarmed weak villain pokorlivo tied the other, and meekly gave bind themselves? Why even later they were sitting in place, counting to thousands of obedient as he commanded? And that means — not the shy 10-ka? What does this mean for now? The ability to wrangle with adults? Ability at this age, "throw pivasikom" and smoke at the school entrance, showing everyone how cool you are? The ability to throw firecrackers at his feet the old ladies?

Yes, the rights investigator. How would an incomprehensible story. Absolutely.

In 1972 he had a story. Two boys of the same age these, today, "is not the shy 10-ka," faced with the fleeing killer-recidivist. Almost he was going to do with them is the same as in our days are homeless. He was going to kill them just because they have seen it, and he was on the run.

Not long at that time, but still visited the section of box boy retreated adult "cool" uncle so that the police he was in the instinctive state. They were terrible. They read as it later. But there were two — two friends — and they decided to fight. The idea, that pokorlivo surrender, they even had not occurred.

Well, that's the answer. Homeless there was no need to threaten a weapon miss lugging … Give orders to the boys he hung up — they would have hanged themselves. With tears and prayers, I would hang themselves. Similarly, I say to you. So how scared. Simultaneously scared.

In general, it is not their fault. They just lost something that was in the majority of their peers do not even 30 — 20 years ago.

And if it's bad luck — it is not only them but the whole country. Our joint homeland.

Fearfulness, which has become almost an integral part of most of the descendants of temper fighters Kulikov field, Smolensk, Poltava, Borodin, Shipka, Kursk and Kandahar. And not just kids, and adults.

But the timidity there for a reason. She skilfully grafted, carefully grown and painstakingly cultivated.

Start a conversation should be with what is (or who is) the person is and what it forms the general? Personality is defined in the modern world, at least some capacity to act as a human being, regardless of age and gender. But a similar definition conceals within itself the embryo of the disease that has infected at the moment the whole planetoid — epidemic of apathy. The fact that a similar "gift of individual rights" indiscriminately leads to an exaggerated sense of self-worth and meaning — the exclusivity and uniqueness.

Meanwhile, most of the so-called personality is low valued. This is an impartial point of view. People in general are the material from which its power is needful sculpts what she needs. If anyone thinks that a democratic government is no exception, it is deceptive. This power rests on the will of the crowd — the electorate. And the electorate is cleverly forms the promises trough of soup, warm barn and entertainment for all tastes. Personalities such power is not needed, even inside herself, in fact — they are not safe for her. Accordingly, the system of formation of the individual in the modern world, anathema, declared a vestige of totalitarianism and officially were branded all likely pedagogical and psychological theories.

The modern system of education rests on several postulates.

First. Primordial and prioritize children's rights.

2nd. The demonization of the word "duty" as a crippling "free will" and "the vulnerable child's mind."

THIRD. Equalizing the rights of the child and the adult.

FOURTH. Pandering to the whims of the greatest (even unwillingness) to kids in what seems a "self-expression" and "self-development" of the individual.

5th. Nurturing a sense of self-suggestion of originality, a sense of nihilistic individualism.

SIXTH. Developing the theme of tolerance to what is happening around.

SEVENTH. Waiver of penalties because of their "ruthlessness."

It should be said that the task of a modern society, these postulates match perfectly. On their being brought fearful suffering from multiple systems, ruthless, deceitful, irresponsible, hysterical, unable to physical or spiritual effort on creativity, with soft sexy and absolutely absent moral compass being unable to resist even a street bully. In other words, something from which our forefathers would turn away in disgust, considering the emergence of such people a sign of degeneration of civilization. But these "individual" profitable democratic government. They are selfish, pokorlivy force will not tolerate those who are above average, just give in to the promises, flattering their lust, longing for a beautiful life and weakness, love to imagine himself the navel of the earth, without which nothing in the state will not spin. They are not difficult and easy to manipulate. Laid it all with a young and typically not only for the Russian Federation (not so much, we have something yet to come in my way.) Similarly, the educated class "homo elektoratus" reigns in the Western world.

But we'll talk about the different types of people and how not to be educated "electorate" and the Man and Fighter. Let's start with the postulate, without the understanding and acceptance of which the faith of all the upcoming conversation is simply useless. Although from the standpoint of modern pedagogy, this postulate sounds the same as for the Black Mass devout Catholic.


A child is not a person. It forms a personality, and it is quite another. So different that not even close. Footlocker: what we set, then will lie. And first you need to put down brutally every idea in the head of your ward that he and the truth is something a beginning and has some fabulous "right" to "right." The first commandment of your players should be followed.

Every right to make

Can not be obtained, beg, steal, buy — in this case it ceases to be a right. On this postulate and to base the whole system of education of the child: to get all the action just a little can, work, stubborn and difficult. "From the beginning" and "just because" nothing is given.

Must take into account only one. The modern world is very energetic and skillfully refutes this important postulate their vsedostupnosti and beautiful "standards", "sweet life" to which the child is bought very s
imple specifically due to the fact that there is still a person and not to oppose the temptation solid current setting. With modern "plastic civilization" in general terribly hard to beat. Because inspire children to the above principle can only be the one who makes them respect and a desire to emulate. A more exact man.

The dominance of women in education and training has long been public danger. I am sure that it was exactly one of the reasons which killed the Pioneer and Komsomol movement, and what exactly can die from this scout movement. Understand me correctly. I have nothing against women. In addition, the boy brought up a lady, in the best case will survive in the lives of a lot of problems. At worst — generally roll down to the bottom. Of course, there are exceptions. But they are rare to such an extent that build on their system awkward. A system of military-patriotic training of ladies should not be. In my medieval look, the ladies in the army in time of peace in general is not the place, and cretinism government can clearly identify the percentage in clear agreement with the percentage of women in the armed forces.

Children are drawn to the standard men wish to be similar to it, copy it, having met in real life, even in gait and habits. Minorities and those men who has a school, a significant percentage of which are far from that as a reference. At the moment, the school is not unique teacher-man, "derailed" from the army — in particular it is typical for rural schools. I do not know how anyone but me in half and wildly funny to listen to such stories of the courage of our soldiers, the glory Protz … The children have not yet learned to laugh. They all take seriously. And stupid to think that they do not understand. Because in their hearts there is contemptuous distrust not only to the teacher, and besides, as he says, he says, teaches us, and the … The path to such a school should be closed permanently and reliably. The true man-mentor believed, even when he utters that snow is black.

Duty to their country and fellow holy

"I owed nothing to anybody" — you can often hear the smug expression of the mouth of the young. He must. Should parents. Fatherland. Own girl. To your friends. His forefathers. None of us are free from these debts. It can not be blocked from free. He has no right. And anyone who tries to break free — a coward and a scoundrel. This idea you have to bring to the consciousness of your young charges. If the useful — to hammer, hammer, punch in their minds. You have to teach them to distinguish between official "debt" to the state and this duty to the country, which is one for all time. You have to convince them that the person's self esteem does not allow "anyone not to be tribute" because it means do not care at all. I can not help myself — quote!

"Hunting for you to tell me, Panov, what is our friendship. Did you hear from their fathers and grandfathers, in which the honor was all our land: and the Greeks gave to know himself, and took the gold coins from Constantinople, and the town was pyshnovatye, and temples , and the princes, the princes of the Russian family, their princes, and not … nedoverki. took busurmany All, all is lost. Only we were left, sirye, yes, as a widow after a good wife, Siraya, just like us, our land! That's what time we have filed, comrades, his hand on the brotherhood! This is what is our friendship! There is no bond more sacred than friendship! .. There have been comrades in other lands, but such as in the Russian land, there was no such comrades … so I love the way the Russian soul — worship not that reason either than others, and all that God has given that neither is in for you … No, no one can adore! know, meanly was got now our land .. . adopt the hell knows what busurmanskie customs; shun his tongue, with its own does not want to read, own their own markets … Grace foreign king, let not the king, and foul mercy … tycoon who … Chebotov their beats them in face more expensive for them every fraternity. And at last podlyuki, which he may have, even though all he izvalyalsya in soot and poklonnichestve there and that, my friends, a part of the Russian feelings. And it will wake up someday … Let well aware of all of them, what is in the Russian land friendship! Oh, for that matter, to breathe — so anyone w of them did not happen so breathe! .. No one, no one! .. Not enough for a mouse nature of them! " NV Gogol. "Taras Bulba".

I do not know you. I — the creeps from these words. With pride that I Russian. No wonder our "educationists" is not the first year so aggressively trying to "clean out" extremist Bulba of school programs …

Maxim Kalashnikov (Kucherenko), creator of the most current books on contemporary dilemmas of, accurately notes that in this country have never had great significance similar (in the West) or tribal (in the East) cases. The support of famous Russian "collegiality" was the domain — a group of people united community of interest. Next Kalashnikov pays his attention to the fact that in our time domain hard and deliberately destroyed (example — the countless "realty show" where specifically through vtaptyvanie gryazyuka teammates in the game achieved success), and along with it destroyed the base of the Russian world view, the principle of "himself perish, and save your comrade". We should make every effort to resist similar attempts. The idea of the sanctity of the bonds of friendship should be the cornerstone of the emerging consciousness of the child. For you may not like your nose, hair style or read your neighbor in the ranks. You can openly express their dissatisfaction with him. You will be able to turn away from each other in daily life. But once there was a threat to the domain, all the differences simply make no sense. It is better to bite the language itself, other than to give. It is better to die than to admit his death.

It may be said that all men are wired differently and have different degrees of resistance. But this is also a question of education. Appropriately educated person will not understand proposals, for example, say information about comrades in exchange for freedom from physical suffering. Follow? He will not evaluate this proposal, thinking that the more profitable (or ethical, or more worthy). He just does not understand the spoken since the proposal also applies to a different system of values, as the verb to be — to the British language. For a person who does not know the British, it's just a collection of sounds.

Life — it's a fight

Not stupid and endless eating of weak little strong, as interpreted fight television game and talk shows, and specifically fight, fight for some of the higher principles. If I'm not mistaken (not sure), it's Goethe said:

Only those worthy of life and liberty,
Who every day is for them to fight!

This principle has also long been subjected to ridicule. Allegedly, the task of person just to live (in a rush, huh?), Without asking questions, and not the highest global neuvvyazkami tormented. Healthier you will be. But the fact that so live animals, and man is not an animal, nor did whatever seemed to be on the subject, philosophers and psychologists. Our kids have to grow up fighters who understand that the battle — with the circumstances, physical enemies, disease, laziness — makes life more fully, filling it with the unforgettable taste of victory. No deprivation, no pain, no physical or mental stress, either their own or someone else's blood no cause of their fear.

I deeply and unshakably convinced that no motto is not paid to the education of the younger generation such harm, as is common in the 50s of the last century cry "Only there was no war". The sense of it was that generation that had experienced and vyave Anyone who has seen the most terrible war
in the history of the Earth, made every effort to ensure a happy future for their children. From a purely human point of view, it was understandable and deserving of compassion. Starve, kill, long-suffering people of almost beaten out of breath, so that their kids have everything they, the parents, nedodala fate. Specifically received, not earned. Underfed, pozhivshie in earth-mother and father stuffed into the beak own beloved child of all that he wishes, at his first peep, to carry away even the shadow of the failure, which hurt them. Also grew, respectively, fat, cocky, arrogant and foolish egotist who despised everyone and everything (crocked and "had not seen the life" of the parents — at first!) Also firmly confident that he must provide everything he wants. And should not only ancestors.

Such a system then became the rule, not! Yes, and except also be done. And since the people had brought up her indescribable disruptive force for private brighter future, by the 80 th year as the time they are at the top and at the grassroots and middle management by the state. That to a certain degree and is designed its collapse. In the days of our system of reincarnated quite often, but not vseobyatnogo phenomena in general. Children's group "Fidget" in one of his own songs polushutochnyh albeit bitterly, but clearly expressed its credo of modern education, sung to the tune of the song "Beautiful far":

We want to be a cleaner and kinder
Exclusively in life is not a lot of what gives.
Make your way only those who ponaglee —
Like to know what awaits us in the future?

And even in this like condemning similar practices line clearly reads: "… in reality it is not enough to give." For people brought up in similar values within the main thing is not what you can give and what to give you. Meanwhile, the government, which has taken, but that does not give, condemned to death.

I sincerely believe that its war should be in every generation. I do not mean hot real war (though it's not the worst, even if so decided to think!).

Each generation before to take the place of the fathers shall be passed as a gold-bearing rock through a sieve-crashing through the heavy, dangerous, exhausting physical and spiritual forces of matter in which all the values themselves will stand in its place in their appropriate to the nature and the beginning of time hierarchy, will gain an initial sense of the word, and the feelings of a person shall be forgiven. Those who are adequately cope with the affair, will take place at the top in order that they be kids (like, in general, and the kids nespravivshihsya!) Is 15-20 years have repeated their way and did not allow the formation sovkovoobraznoy demokratoidnoy or "elite." I am confident that the difficulties are cleaned and tempered person.

The purpose of life — physical and moral improvement

I do not know for you, but I feel sick and fun to look at negropodobnyh telepayuschihsya creatures in the land of the dimensionless pants, jackets, T-shirts from which protrude to the knees, and his cap visor bad back, he expressed himself with gestures and interjections. "Well! — Utter critic. -" Now he plays jazz, but tomorrow will sell home! "We know, we were …" Took place, but, apparently, passed by. Penetrate with no smile: yes, not everyone who played jazz, have sold their homeland. But everyone who sold the home, played jazz … And that's a fact.

In my opinion, there is nothing better eye than Suvorov school system in gloomy festive scarlet and black uniforms, the color of blood and gunpowder. I was delighted and fascinated by this — and are — guys. I am categorically opposed to at least some of formlessness in general, and not only in the military organization, and in the ordinary school. I have a form and function principle: it disciplines. Form oblige, especially if you do not wear it out of obligation. Naturally, the form can be fooled. But you did not think why thugs of all stripes love to act in the role of the military and the police? Yes, because in the minds of our people shape is clearly associated with honesty, order, reliability and willingness to promote. The boy, who had put on voluntarily form is head and shoulders above the one who shies away from it. Just as he put it on.

Just say to yourself, "I wish!" — And to do what is pleasing. Much more difficult to say for himself: "No!" — Either: "You have to!" But such orders himself just elevates man above the animals most. You have to inspire his players that the physical and moral improvement can — and should — be the main precepts of Russian and Russian. Very Fine writes the same Maxim Kalashnikov, let there in the West, inject, live in svalny sin, are absurd clothes. So be it! We will not follow them! Our kids will grow awake, strong and ready to lend a hand to a friend and firmly embed tough for the enemy. They have to repeat just behind the stately Russian poet:

And I dream that uttered
About the Russian Federation, the country of the Plains:
"This country is the most beautiful ladies
And the courageous men in the world! "

It's hard, because requests effort — and big ones, which does not require immutable "ottyag." Here again comes into the role of the individual manager. True man who hunts emulate believe and go for it. And he will teach them to shun pseudo clown and vestments, uncleaned teeth and sickly spider legs with a "tattoo" — all signs of "masstsivilizatsii." And teach them to be proud of their own elitism, his ability to rise above the dull herd in need of rap pogonyalom.

Tolerance — a death of honor, courage and pros

In the world there are many people so fearful that they are even others can not afford to take the risk themselves. Tolerance, tolerance is to say nasty things, if you convert to a regular Russian language — it is their banner.

Terminally insecure category of people are those whom I call myself "poturchentsy." So in the Balkans in the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, called the local inhabitants, the Slavs by blood, which favors the aspirations of either whole-heartedly believe in the power of an endless Ottoman conquerors, converted to Islam and became loyal servants of the invaders. And in modern Russian Federation there is a narrow stratum of similar people holding, unfortunately, a prominent position in public, and from time to time and the official political life. Russian by birth, they have learned tolerance and vegetation mindset even stronger than his father in the West in their worship of him comes to the denial of the right to self-defense as a civilization, and its individual members.

In their opinion, Russian permitted only humbly bow down, redeeming "imperial past". Offhand can be called politics and public figure A. Asmolova, human rights activist Nikolai Kovalyov, the writer V. Krapivina … Strive for here and the famous children's writer, hater Gaidar-grandfather, the creator of the television series bestalantnogo Buttermilk (I am not of the first books, really, funny and clever, but of countless "extensions"!) Eduard Uspensky. Do not remember how in the late 80's he was saying on the screen of a "children's disarmament", called to destroy a toy gun, mesmerizing speeches about world peace?

Is not there began the plight of our army now?

What is the worst thing — many of these poturchentsev already working with the children, instilling in them "syndrome poses embryo" and their calculations have official support right up to the inclusion in school programs from!

Usually, they appear under the comely slogans (yadoistechenie Kovalev — a rare example of an open hatred poturchentsa to those who kept the faith in the value of Protz) "reducing public anger" or "tolerance ed
ucation to the younger generation." Translated into Russian, the disarmament of civilization in the face of the enemy.

If our country and declared war on truth (and it is declared — and not yesterday and not 10 years ago … and not international terrorism), the call for "tolerance" sounds more than amazing. Even wildly as would have sounded the call for the realization of goals and tasks of the Nazis in 1941. We — the country and the nation-army-soldier. If we would get processed, we will cease to exist. I do not think it's very exciting poturchentsev. But I was — very exciting.

If you look in the broader nuance, the poor tolerance to anything is not great, even in non-belligerent societies. Look at the statistics. Where is the highest suicide rate? Where ordinary diseases have become a mental disorder? Where unmotivated ruthlessness swept home and school? Where blossomed sexual perversion? Where crazed pace degeneration progresses? In the most measured and peaceful countries — Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark …

The fact is that man is by nature a private netoleranten. It can be trained to live like that, insinuating that warm shed, nourishing feeder and a pastime — this is the meaning of life. But the subconscious mind will rebel against it, as well as the "valve closed" (hunting and martial arts are prohibited in war children can not play in the street to raise the voice — the police will twist, you pick a leaf — a "green" to the death zashibut, men and ladies, even the clothes do not different, not necessarily serve in the army), the natural anger and lust for acute senses slopped out "through the seams", getting right up to the wildest forms of self-torture, violence against babies and their visits to the warring countries on the hunt for people.

I repeat: poturchentsam anyway. I — no. And I urge all who are in truth our dear homeland to come to grips with them, including those for baby showers, they want to castrate their own tolerance.

Punishment — necessary part of education

The modern system of rewards sinful. Encourage generally need less often than punish. Another less often and very greedy, and not on a "Vova brought a bucket of garbage — Vova give 50 rubles, it is a good boy." Vova should know that the bear can — his duty, for what do not expect rewards, even oral! But if Vova has not made a bucket, there must be punished. And the principal, why he did not. And if Vova dug in the courtyard of the latest hole under the toilet, that's when you can briefly say, "Well done." I assure you that they heard from really pochetaemogo and beloved person is a word more precious than any of the 50 (or 500) rubles.

Punishing necessarily on a physical level, although I return and supporter of this method. They say that the punishment offends the dignity, but this is a mistake. Dignity — not innate, and foster a sense. The man wielding the truth advantage (no matter how many years it may be!), Never allow acts which might be punished. For every act of their own, and the punishment should be selected differentially. But it is necessary. Just to get a foothold in the unconscious boy: do bad — will be bad. This is a safe and very effective way to safeguard themselves as teenagers from problems in the future.

Here are six truths you need to make fundamental in the life of their own wards, if you will, that they were in truth men. Believe me, they are outdated, these truths, they just grow old. They will not get lost — they are just jammed. And they were not beaten, or rather beaten up so that it is time to revive them. Urgent!

Millennium the world's population lived by them. And for their nispovergatelyami only scanty tail time has brought many facilities, but no one has made happy.

Now some general observations about parenting teens. Must be kept in mind that in all times and in all civilizations (even in today, oppressing any healthy instincts!) Featured the following mutually exclusive teen, but get along well in their properties: sometimes incomprehensible courage — and shyness in front of an 'ordinary' life, ostentatious cynicism — lurking and zeal to the highest standards and actions; concealed spiritual vulnerability — and open rudeness; overthrow of the past idols — and the worship of their idols; sober judgments on many issues, and in the other — complete infantilism; eagerness to put the world on its head though that they themselves are often at this point just on the head, the dream of adventures — and an unwillingness to share dreams, sarcasm — and the fear of ridicule; reluctance to accept anything on faith — and a blind trust, thrust quickly become a man — and a wrong perception of what after all it is; carelessness — and often heavy thinking about the future.

Those who destroy Russia, skillfully use all of these properties. Those who have to defend it — just do not perceive adolescents as a class.

Eat a plate of pasta with ketchup, without touching it with his hands and munching like a pig in front of the camera — get 60 bucks! And that young man of 16 gags, champs, but eats. How — bucks! Of course, I understand that found him and instructed specifically. But all the same I can not remember what I read about the siege of Leningrad, where the mother made a fourteen offspring for food to get up, sit down at the table and spread a napkin on your lap. To eat the same two grams of "bread" with a clove of garlic, the head of which they found behind a sofa. Russian propaganda, you say? But is not that crap that I have outlined above is not propaganda? Propaganda and reality as soon as the episode with garlic. Only the first — gryazyuka and propaganda mud. And second I do not know how to call. Heroism? Greatness? Or simply the desire to remain human in the criteria, when this is not practically no hope?

For us, these human characteristics — an excellent basis on which to build the edifice of military-patriotic education. The fact is that at heart though what every child wants romance, adventure, true friendship, something catchy and extraordinary. Pretty energetic people, united, to take up the question of the education of the younger generation, and the positive aspects of child temperament become our allies, and the negative "go underground", where every tribute properly educated person can simply keep them under control.

And do not talk about the fact that teenagers impossible to pull out of hypnosis mass culture. In times of war, civilian clothes Bolsheviks had no more faithful allies than workers. And the big-name kappelevsky regiment of white workers also consisted of Siberian plants. Kappel drew them to his side courage, honesty, and the fact that he was able to lucidly explain all the disadvantages of the Bolshevik government, and these people have remained faithful to the cause of the snow-white, even when questioned, threw and ran many purebred nobles. Such power authority!

Separately — a few words about psychology.

Sucked from the finger

So called psychologists should be kept at the highest distance from the educational process. These people are not safe for the education of ordinary boys (girls, in general, too). In particular, given the dominant Freudian psychology in the modern school. In the Soviet Union was a good school Luria, but as I understand from it has long been nothing left.

Astounding story, I have seen on TV. It tells of a family man who died in the crash in the "Nord-Ost". The five-year son of the deceased loved to play with toy rifle optical sight — states that "tracks the terrorists," wants to "take revenge for my father."

And the mother of the boy drags him by psychologists, in the fear of crying, "In your opinion, is this normal?" In our opinion — yes. Abnormal behavior of the mother should be recognized, expert care in the male offspring of
a sense of the pros and fair thirst for revenge. Very early awakening — yes! But such behavior mom, her desire to correct the unaccountable courage offspring in the "tolerant" of vegetation — it is an alarming sign for the country in which mothers ages blessed kids to battle with evil. With tears. With anguish. But blessed, knowing that on the other — you can not.

I had two times to talk with the guys who have been referred to as psycho-correction after any really difficult events. The spectacle at once pathetic and strshnoe but normal little boy "corrected" will not be called. Meanwhile, fortunately, a lot of their peers, also survived the remarkable stress, but hiding it from their parents (or parents who do not have enough brain "cure" the child!), To cope with the consequences for a day or two or three by the fact that just get enough sleep, and spit on those consequences.

You should always keep in mind that the "help" of the psychologist puts the patient at the mercy of thereof, and the majority of psychologists way or another use it. As said one smart Yankees, "schizophrenics — those who build castles in the air. Paranoid — those who in their lives. And psychologists — those who issue a building permit for residence and receives the rent." In general it is worth considering: psychologists have, as their believe or disbelieve in them as they are? As to the Freudian psychology of success, it is associated with the same beastly-justifying morality, so the heating heart of Western man. Say, if the scientists have proved that man is a beast, then that is something I can do? With me bribes smooth …

It should be recalled that the Vietnamese and other syndromes, neurological disorders, and the lie appear similar from a few very ordinary circumstances, have nothing to do with psychology.

1. Shortage or complete absence of human inner conviction that he is doing (the expansion — no "actual rod"). Try to imagine for themselves a breakdown in the Crusader, who was fighting with the "wrong" in Palestine, or the "syndrome of Borodin's" a veteran Russian war of 1812! Can not? I also … Conviction — is impenetrable armor, and bigotry it is called by those who themselves by sincere conviction can not because of feebleness of mind or cynical disposition. So Makar, deidealization education — is depriving teenagers of this "rod"!

2. Sharpening memoirs and experiences in heavy periods of life, so characteristic for psycho-correction, widely used by psychologists at the moment (including children!) And psychotherapists. The memory of man from nature adapted self-cleaning from heavy memoirs, and drag them out to the surface again — means:

a) permanently maim the psyche;

b) to put themselves at the mercy of "doctor".

"Throw out of my head!" — That's the best advice.

Must be kept in mind that the mind bending teenagers indescribable. Ways of converting adult drooling moron, do not leave them in the memory, and no trace of temper. In fact, quite a child to sleep, eat well and chat with friends — and the therapy session is over. And all those stories about strshnye incurably crippled child's mind or invented, or come from the fact that children are forced again and again to delve into the nasty or horrible events of his past. Replaced in order to deposit the ward Myagenko on the couch, asking him whether he would like "this" talk or make him draw his horror, you just need to say, "Throw out of my head!" — And send it to the shooting range on the football field or to the fire, where friends sit …

I can say that I deny the fundamental truth of psychology. But I have to remind you that the "fundamental truth" sucked the finger of a man with a specific mental Sigmund Freud, who own wards and stuff the dope for their "liberation", and this truth with a bit more than a century. And I would add that during 1000 lety flat Earth was a fundamental truth, and those who have attempted it, and burned at the stake.

Subtle world is very logical, friendly and easy to use and manage.

Creeping anger

Lying on the couch and confessing to the topic of sex and nightmares man is easy to handle more. That's the reason for the popularity of "-ogy" and "correction" in today's flat world, where the boy's desire to fight is declared a psychological aberration.

So Makar, if the problem of sum up, bring up a real person will be able to just another pedagogy. This indicates that our historical experience. We litsezreem that have grown up two (!) Generation who cherish and grooms its negative properties, the first of them were born and grown up in the days of the Soviet Union. Here then began the first "experiments" went to school "test" and the theory of the "free development of personality," that's when school was canceled in the form of belts, caps, introduced the joint training of different sexes and made the remaining steps in the abyss. To what great it did not result in Russia.

West always blame us specifically totalitarianism. And at the heart of these accusations was put in what we Tipo stamping people, raping first free human personality. I will not dwell on what exactly is violence humbles the primitive instincts, selfish impulses and forced the man to fit his ego to the "rules of the hostel" — in the relaxed RF all this filth break free and rapid zabushevala smelly storm, rolling from end to end our country.

I wish to direct your attention to the fact that the so-called free world churning out people still cleaner than the "totalitarianism". What's more! It makes it much sophistication (floating everything — from advertising to a mass zombie live) — time. And two — that he churns out the bastards. Remember how we laughed over trusting the line "When the country would give the order to be a hero — our hero is at least some!"? But now we can say: "When the media will give the order to you — whether bastard" … "I've already read — bastards are easier to manage than the heroes. For the latter to be the hero himself, but it's …

Ask "zapadentsev" that he thinks about his own life? It will stun you crackling bursts of phrases about democracy, freedom, and national pride flag in front of the house itself. And trendet it will be very warmly, "demokratskim with fire in the eyes," and happy with foam on the lips. Tell him that he bastard — he will be offended.

But the critical situation, the first war, fiercely denounce civilization biorobotov. It is necessary to go to the speech of their salvation, the only one of the invaluable life — and flies husks of words about democratic values, leaving the naked calculation and naked faith in a single value — the dollar.

"Zapadentsev" can not provide for themselves abstract value, is really important, that they have exceeded the value of their existence. In other words, they relegate themselves to the status of herbivores, as the service abstractions specifically distinguishes man from the other inhabitants of the earth. Stupidly seek from monkeys death for the fatherland. But no one and will not allow monkeys to government or education of human babies. "Zapadentsev" as specific as possible, "Happiness, expressed in money, then and now. And do not try to be clever. Life we have only one …" and they are afraid to lose it fits.

Meanwhile abstract ideas were all stately, driving the population of the earth. Abstract thought was our victory in the war stateliness — it changed, this victory, in the life of Sasha Matrosov, if the latter, what he saw was acutely welling in his eyes flame "machine-Geber"? Abstract thought was the British Empire, in the name of which "the B
ritish their graves marked its borders," wrote Conan Doyle. The abstract idea of democracy was, and in whose name forefathers fought and died today, "the owners of the world" — the menacing, totalitarian, intolerant people who believed that society can exist Equal Rights, where the weak will not be offended strong. But that was long ago. And fathers would not recognize their own offspring would turn away in disgust and cursed his seed …

No, I do not think that in the West there are no real people. Moreover, I am sure — millions of them out there! After all, not so long ago we looked like. And if you dig a little deeper — to have one blood and one Spirit … Our forefathers prototype word of honor and appreciate the prototype could walk on the canister. They were proud home of prototype and prototype shtileli flag and on the decks of the ships in the oceans, suffering from thirst. They were able to prototype alone dictate their will to robber tribes and not to spare their lives and blood for the sake of thought, tribute to make the world cleaner and brighter … They are eager to learn prototype, discover, explore and feared not to vaccinate themselves fatal disease in the name of Knowledge.

Unfortunately, the tradition of Europe — the service, chivalry, courage — in the second half of the twentieth century, drowned in the stream of gray. But people — yes. The people there were. In America, for example, in the State have the stomach 10 of thousands of "civilian guards." It voluntarily united people-centered values Protz, courage, physical prowess, ability to possess a weapon independent judgment. They raise their own kids in respect to religion, morality, respect for elders, ready to defend himself and his own. They do not smuschyayutsya defend their sights on the public, through television, magazines and newspapers, including those published by them. They despise them modern civilization great cities — "boom box-civilization", mixed with rap svalny sin and drugs.

But we litsezreem? The government, in which they live, their fears, and even fighting with them! Not with Latin, Italian or Chinese mafias! Not to sweep the streets of the black youth gangs! And with the wide awake mentally and physically, conscientious, hard-working people!

The fact that neither the Mafia nor illiterate animals in colored bandannas, in principle, do not get out beyond the boundaries of "culture" wish "," society "give". Moreover, they are even higher their expression — superolitsetvoreniem vaunted "right to rights." A "plain-clothes guards" — it's something terrible, uncontrollable massmediakulturoy, now out of those feral times when people have their dignity sought from him, and had the right to seek from others. In other words, in principle alien and unmanageable. We do perfectly familiar by constant struggle against "fascism", under which, as a skating rink, a fall … yeah well.

Conflict-free world, myagenkoy, creeping, horrible rage around us and creeps into our souls. But a grown man capable of (not everyone, really!) Resist that envelops intoxication. Kids — defenseless.

I am ready to repeat after unheard S. Pereslegin "… formally accuse the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation … ideologue reforms Gref and" joined them, those "high treason, preparing for the implementation komplota aimed at undermining the Russian Education and indirectly — to the destruction of potential … of, and in sins against the Coming. "

What's more! Already I blame the current Russian government in general in the systematic genocide of the peoples of the Russian Federation, the Russian first. I blame her that she is cleaning the area of of indigenous peoples, using for this disease, alcohol, increasing the total meaninglessness of life and crime. I blame this government is — and this is the worst! — That it is hiding behind the fiery slogans and claptrap, conducting systematic fight specifically against the younger generation, ogluplyaya, soldering and narkotiziruya it, disconnecting and pitting classes and groups of young people, undeterred by the moral and physical liquidation more caring and socially active young men, women, teenagers and even children.

The power is killing us and killing Russia. It robs our homeland coming fully conscious, for know what they do! We need to save our future. We need to do this — the blood under the nails! — Everything.


We have to save our children. We need to give them the meaning of life and the will to live. We must teach them to resist every cell of his body growing horror. And — if necessary, if such suitable point! — Protected: fists, gun, teeth, whatever. Since it is better than to die without a murmur and worthless!

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