Oligarchs without Ukraine

Oligarchs without UkraineThe collective purse of the Verkhovna Rada Ukraine threatens to seriously get better. On the seats in parliament are not intended naikrupneyshie oligarchs country. Or parliamentary boat was small for them, or we watch the big flight of capital from the sinking ship.

The situation indeed is contrary to the established practice of matching high politics and huge capital. In particular, in Ukraine, where the constant changes of party facades of power have always gone with the motto "bandits — bullpen." In most cases — at least in public rhetoric — under these same bandits were supposed specifically samotkanye "owners of factories, newspapers, steamships." But, apparently, the situation has changed.

Not long ago, the owners of large capital lined up for the deputy mandates as the government was stronger, says political analyst Yuri Romanenko. And the step of primitive accumulation of capital, and to step his upcoming rassredotachivaniya large business remained secondary to the main players of power-political vertically. At the time, the parliamentary mandate provided personal security, also served as a kind of "club card" that gave a pass to the "chill-out" of government and business.

After the victory of Viktor Yanukovych in the presidential election of Ukrainian oligarchs have every right to be quoted Louis XIV: "The government — that's me." A similar phrase is no longer sounds like nonsense from the mouth of Rinat Akhmetov, Dmitry Firtash and all those who may be called arbiters of Ukrainian politics, without putting all these quotes. The victory of the Party of Regions, which has long should rename the union of big business, graduated from the long-awaited transformation: large capital subordinated their needs remains of Ukrainian state machine.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that in the last two years Ukrainian Parliament turned into the Office of the Presidential Administration. Remains of polyarchy are gone — now how everything else major decisions are certainly not in the walls of the head of the legislative body of the country. Owning a mandate now does not mean the ability to influence real policy. These criteria lawmaking role of the people's choice came down to a simple game on the "piano" at the time of voting. And so the cost of owning the sacred "crust" is not outweigh the advantages.

And the costs really are. And it's not the price of the place in the entrance of the list. Take into account that Ukrainian regime was able to spoil the case with all the major geopolitical players. Some of them — like the EU and the U.S. — are unlikely to recognize the results of the parliamentary race. Sanctions nerukopodatnost and direct pressure on the imperative universities hardly fall into the category of a want of events for the big Ukrainian businesses. When the council "Titanic" prefers to drown himself in an attempt to compete with the iceberg ambitions — awkward fight for a place in the cabin. What is important preparation lifeboat.

In the coming months, particularly the Verkhovna Rada will serve as a catalyst for discontent — both the Ukrainians and international policymakers. Keep a distance with the power in these criteria are important attempts to connect with her in a kiss. According to the views of political scientist Alexei Blyuminova, unavoidable reputational scandals associated with the need to vote for unpopular economic measures, the inevitable absence of the plenary sessions and the criticism from the West — is not the same price you're willing to pay for the illusion of Ukrainian oligarchs immunity.

And this is specifically an illusion. At least as a Ukrainian main risk criteria for a large owner is not the loss of personal freedom (to do this, the country is no longer strong enough), and loss of control over the assets. And the economic security of large financial-industrial groups is very different ways — such as an IPO or withdrawal of assets beyond the jurisdiction of the state government.

"During the year the bank naikrupneyshy Ukraine — "Privat" — brought out of the country's $ 32 billion That's the real way to ensure safeguards for business. And inside Ukraine remained guarantees to save whoever's been Accessories "- convinced Ukrainian sociologist Victor Nebozhenko.

But the failure of Ukrainian oligarchs from getting his mandate does not mean their withdrawal from the sphere of practical politics. In the end, the Ukrainian parliamentary field is a huge number of players willing to pay for its proper role do the conductors of foreign interests. According to Taras Berezovka spin doctor, do not rule out the possibility that people will take a huge Ukrainian businessmen in parliament on the party lists of remakes, or as a result of winning the single-seat area.

The dry residue of this situation is disappointing. The government has given way to quite a large capital their functions, which is not even particularly need guarantees personal safety of the legislative architecture. The very logic of the behavior of Ukrainian "Rockefellers" indicates that the day of elections to the powder keg of the state machine will put a match. It is best not to be there in an unsafe proximity when the fuse in the end, burn down.

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