Oligohydramnios. Polyhydramnios

Oligohydramnios.  Polyhydramnios.  Photo from www.nrlc.org

Everything connected with the state of the amniotic fluid, it is very important for the health of the child, so doctors are closely monitoring what is happening to them. Too little (oligohydramnios) or on the contrary, too much (polyhydramnios)number water can adversely affect the development of the embryo.

The volume of liquid depends on the individual characteristics of the expectant mother. Usually by the 38th week of pregnancy, it ranges between 1-15 liters.

Typically up to 4.5 months (or 18 weeks), the liquid volume is proportional to the child's weight. In other words, if, during the ultrasound the doctor finds hypamnion, this would mean that the baby is growing more slowly than expected. In most cases, this is not dangerous, because after the birth of children with low weight fast catching up with their larger peers.

Andyet there are critical situations when the amniotic fluid is too low (less than 600 ml at term). The reason for this phenomenon is still unclear. In particular, this may indicate that the fetus has a kidney problem.

Oligohydramnios often results in miscarriage, may occur hypoxia (lack of oxygen), malnutrition, fetal abnormalities. In addition, there may be difficulties birth process.

Polyhydramnios considered to be the number amniotic fluid greater than 1500 ml. Most often, it is diagnosed in pregnant women with chronic infection, chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus), and Rhesus-conflict multiple pregnancy, fetal malformation. Hydramnion contributes to a number of complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

Every time you visit the doctor will palpate the abdomen of pregnant women to track the status of cancer, child well-being and to form an idea about the state of the amniotic fluid. Several times during the first 9 months of the expectant mother to go through ultrasound specialists to determine the exact number Amniotic fluid. If it will go on polyhydramnios have to visit the doctor more often, so he was able to control the situation.

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