Olympic dump, or the Black Sea dolphins killed


Carcass of a dead dolphin on the Black Sea.

3.06.12.Edva start of the holiday season as the unexplained deaths of dolphins have attracted worldwide attention.

Environmentalists alarmed, and spoil your body dolphins vacationers come from all over the country.

Aida Kobzh tourist was shocked to discover the dead dolphin on the beach in Sochi.

"Everyone stood and watched the little dead dolphin lying belly up. Poor creatures! Some were on the shore, but they were also in the water, dead, "- said Aida Kobzh.

Sluggish interests of officials

Environmentalists say that today the region is the case of the mass extinction of dolphins — about 300 animals found dead.

Local authorities have made no serious attempt to investigate the death, saying that the bodies of animals decomposed before they washed up on the shore, making it impossible to conduct laboratory research.
The death toll, unfortunately, growing. Currently, we are seeing the same in Ukraine.

Officials blamed poachers and fishing nets. They say that the unusually cold winter led dolphins from the Sea of Azov in the warm Black Sea.

A local zoologist Konstantin Andramonov, like some other experts, refers to possible viruses, "The number of dead, unfortunately, growing. Currently, we are seeing the same in Ukraine. There is a hypothesis that we are dealing with an infectious disease that occurs about every 20 years. "


However, most experts believe that the real culprit is the increasing pollution in the Black Sea region.
Valery Brinikh works to some environmental group "Environmental Watch." He says that the scale of mortality of dolphins contrary to official figures, accusing poaching and fishing nets.

"In Sochi, it happens every year, sometimes more victims, sometimes less, — Valery Breen. — But this time scale suggest unnatural causes — is likely to pollution of the sea or disorientation dolphins, which can also be linked to pollution. "

Environmentalists say pollution around Sochi has increased dramatically since then, the city was chosen to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. They have long warned that the rampant construction of irreparable environmental damage the unique ecosystem of Sochi.

Local environmentalists Olga Noskovets suspects that the authorities are well aware that this pollution is killing dolphins. She says that the highest levels of contamination observed in the areas adjacent to the areas of construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi and dotted the outskirts of the city.


According to Olga Noskovets, the most affected area of the Big Sochi Lazarev: "The biggest threat comes from the river running through the Lazarevsky area with many resorts, including children. The infamous Olympic dump is next, and it does not have a system of recycling. This small mountain stream, which used vodilas fish, now a muddy brown and foamy. He collects waste and carries them to the beaches, which are considered among the most beautiful in the region. "

State inspector Rosprirodnadzor in Krasnodar region and Adygea Olga Bespalov in an interview with "Radio Russia" reported: "The waters of the river really set the oil content, as well as visual inspection, it was confirmed that the mouth of the river silted up particulate matter. Perhaps this Arguello. Conducted an administrative investigation. "

Noskovets says that the extinction of dolphins should be a wake-up call, and the government must urgently raise the alarm and warn users about the dangers of swimming for health at some beaches of the Black Sea before the peak holiday season, "If sea creatures adapted to life in the sea, react in this way, what are the implications for the people? Every year, many people suffer from poisoning after swimming in the sea and always blame the food poisoning. It's obscene lies from our government who are afraid to speak the truth — that the Black Sea just poisoned. "


Source: Radio Azattyk

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