Olympics 2012: Canadian syndrome, or Everything is going according to plan?

Olympics 2012: Canadian syndrome, or Everything is going according to plan?Write this stuff again prompted His Majesty the Web. And precisely, comments for performances of our athletes.

Good one for the team RF start of the Olympics will not name. It seems that few will. States and China did not weak gap, and we still kind of like a gray. But I, if honestly, it is not about that. I am of those who sits on this side of the screen. And scribbling comments.

Yes, we have all been taught the Vancouver horror. But whether it's an excuse for hysteria? Olympiad only just begun. And later, the athletes have nothing else to do, how to read it all? For whom is this written? Himself? To show what we are smart, as many are aware of in any sport?

I spend a lot of time what is going on in London. Yes, there simptomchiki.

Coach of the Russian Federation in gymnastics Alexandrov said that they were not able to solve all prepyadstviya health. Svetlana Tsarukaeva says that she has not given overcome trauma. But what matters to the athletes? I will allow myself to remind you that 4 years back Svetlana none at trial is not embodied. And in London — "silver". This is not progress? No? And the fact that her injury — so this is a question for the coaches. Tsarukaeva took everything I could. I have such weight is not something that raise its head above the … Nah, rip off the ground. But less.

The same coaching staff and gymnasts. The girls fought to the death. And do not even insulting, puzzling cries for ramblerovskih subforums our psevdobolelschikov. "Where is our gold?", "Shame for the Russian Federation». Yes, it's really a shame. Disgrace for Russia, the Russians write it. It is clear that if athlete put on the uniform Team RF, he must make every effort to win. So, do not make? Attach. Just there is Today stronger.

Yes lose. Foil fencers, arrows, volleyball. It is a sport, if that. Naturally, pleasant unquestioning victory in the style of our players, but I'm sorry for this and put the right people and resources. And we are far from standard. In other words, from China and the United States, where it is municipal policy.

Decided to support the athletes. And we somehow decided to maintain those benefits. And better, higher merit. A 2-3 places — this is not … cake. A 4 and below — the rank of the crime. So why are we so well know how to water? Why the lack of a gold medal is a chance for hard-hitting expressions? I could not resist, wrote one such online special regime of Nifontova in the style of "If such a smart, would come out against Koreans. As the chop. " He said nothing.

Well why we can not support as it should? All sorts of psychics they say that this energy is transmitted. And suddenly, right? Themselves to themselves and Gadim.

It is our Team. The best of our athletes. Our, shall we say, pride. Yes, we are accustomed to the USSR national team to the fact that we are the best. Those days are gone. Yes, there is at present a better and stronger than ours. BUT THEY ARE OUR! And we have no others! And you have to (necessarily) to rejoice every success, whatever that may be. And the experience of defeat because the fans are worried the Irish team at the European Championship in football. That there is together.

I will not forget Vancouver. It was horrible. I will not forget the 2012 European Cup. It was a shame. But I hope that Olympiad will give us a more pleasant moments.

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