Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA

European MBDA missile union in vserasprostranennom December 4, 2012 press release for the first time officially said that the Imperial Guard of Oman was the first customer and the operator developed by MBDA ground anti-aircraft missile system variant VL MICA (Ground Based Air Defence — GBAD). Press release reports on training and combat shooting SAM VL MICA, produced by the Royal Guard of Oman on the range Abeer in the central part of the country of the acquired factory system September 24, 2012. Launched MICA missile with active radar homing air which struck the target at a distance of 14 km from the launcher.

Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA

SAM uses the VL MICA missiles manufactured as MBDA France modified missiles MICA air-to-air medium-range active radar or infrared homing. Most effective firing range SAM VL MICA stated in the 20 km.

MBDA has officially announced the signing of the first contract for sale SAM VL MICA in June 2009, but still did not open Oman as a launch customer. Characteristics of the contract is also not reported. The delivery of a complex set of Oman on the chassis of Rheinmetall MAN 8×8 and 6×6, including chetyrehkonteynernye propelled vertical launch missile launchers and radar detection Cassidian TRML-3D.

Oman was also the launch customer for the naval variant of SAM VL MICA, which is set at 3 corvettes project Khareef, built in England by BAE Systems on the prisoner in January 2007 contract. But due to the tightening of construction of these ships and corvettes to come to light in the process of testing a number of shortcomings, which required numerous modifications and alterations, all three ships built to this day remain in England and not transferred to the Omani Navy.

Anti-aircraft missile system close deeds VL MICA (Vertical Launch MICA) differently configured is used as a means of defense land forces, air bases, command Fri and ships from cruise missile strikes, guided aerial bombs, planes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles in the old days and NIGHT MODE all weather criteria. SAM VL MICA developed by MBDA based guided missile MICA air-to-air. The complex is compact, ultra high efficiency and their combat abilities occupies a middle position between the short-range air defense system "Mistral" and long-range PAAMS.

Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA
MICA air-launched rocket

The modular design allows for MICA missiles in ammunition complex means of destruction with different systems and homing use their advantages depending on the combat situation. MICA missile can be equipped with an active pulse-Doppler radar homing (MICA-EM) or thermal (MICA-IR). GSN provides all-weather radar complex and well-used weapons of war against an enemy with a low infrared signature (for example, guided air bombs). Thermal imaging option is preferred when used to hit targets with a small effective surface scattering, including small high-speed surface targets.

Ground-based version of the complex was first introduced in February 2000. in Singapore at the exhibition Asian Aerospace. Tests of the complex began in the test center CELM (Centre d'Essai de Lancement des Missiles — France) in 2001. In February 2005. was successfully carried out a demonstration of the new capabilities of the complex using a standard serial missiles MICA-IR, for all that was hit target at a distance of about 10km. By January of 2006. was launched 11 rockets VL MICA in different trim levels.

Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA

Work on the ship's air defense system based on the vertical launch missile company MBDA VL MICA in an active manner in the beginning of 2000. Marine version of the complex VL MICA is positioned initially as a means of air defense of surface ships small displacements, which are essential for weight and dimension restrictions being placed weapons and to strengthen the air defense of large ships at close range. In April 2006. the test center CELM successfully tested SAM VL MICA sea launcher. During the tests, VL Mica direct hit hit the target, simulating a low-flying anti-ship missile at a distance of 10km. When you run the test in October 2008, was struck by a direct hit target (UAV Banshee) at a distance of 12 km.

In 2007. Navy of Oman and the company MBDA signed an agreement for the supply of SAM VL MICA for 3 ocean-going patrol vessels (OPV) project "Khareef" (displacement — 2500t, length — 99m). Construction of the first ship of this project began in October 2007. at the shipyard of "VT Shipbuilding" in g.Portsmut. Delivery time to the customer — 2010, others — a six-month interval. Complex VL MICA missile is meant to establish the project corvettes "Sigma", built on the Dutch shipyard "Schelde Naval Shipbuilding" commissioned by the Navy of Morocco. Supply of 3 corvettes of this project is to be completed by 2012. Polish corvettes type "Gawron" project 621 (planned series — 7 units) are expected to be armed with 2 modules of 16 missiles VL MICA, located in front of the superstructure. The first ship of the series "Slazak" founded in 2001., Deadline — 2010 to 2011.

In December of 2005. Management of arming DGA (Delegation Generale pour l'Armement) French Ministry of Defence signed a contract with the company MBDA for two years for the supply of anti-aircraft guided missiles VL MICA for all the armed forces. Under the agreement, MBDA is doing work on the aggregation of VL MICA missiles with systems of command and control and MARTHA SETAT of air and land forces of France.

July 8, 2009. the test center CELM missile MICA-IR, launched from a ground launcher, was carried out a successful intercept low-flying targets at ranges of 15 km and a height of 10 m above the sea surface. Control of a rocket made with the team Fri, placed at a distance of 6km from the launcher. The purpose of the tests organized by MBDA, DGA and the French Air Force, was to demonstrate the use of the complex perspectives VL MICA for coastal defense. It was the last of a series of 15 successful test launches SAM VL MICA.


Typical SAM VL MICA land-based consists of 4 launchers, command Fri complex and radar detection. Launchers complex may be located on different car chassis over-capacity cross-5t.

Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA

Rocket MICA is made by conventional aerodynamic design and is equipped with a cross of wide wing of small aspect ratio. In the forward part of the plane set destabilizing factor, in terms of having a rectangular shape. In the middle of the solid propellant rocket placed the company "Protac", Low Smoke Zero equips charge of the mix of fuel. The engine is optimized for speed VL MICA missile M =
3. The aft aerodynamic has handlebars unit thrust vector control motor (SUVT) and the receiver band data transmission. SUVT coupled with aerodynamic control surfaces provides maneuvering missiles with an overload to 50g at a distance of 7 km and with an overload up to 30g at a distance of 10km. Warhead — high-explosive offense directed weighing 12kg, fuse — active Doppler radar.

The missile is equipped with active MICA EM pulse-Doppler GSN AD4A (12-18 GHz), developed by "Dassault Electronique" and "GEC-Marconi". GSN AD4A able to independently aim to capture the line of motion and provides hitting targets with at least some areas, at all angles, and the days of NIGHT MODE, under normal and adverse weather conditions, in the criteria for saturated electronic countermeasures against the background of the Earth's surface and aqua. GSN AD4A located in the forward compartment under the radio waves Earthenware rocket fairing. The amended version AD4A is also used as part of anti-aircraft missiles "Aster" SAMP-T complexes and PAAMS.

Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA
Anti-aircraft missile system SAMP-T
Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA
Anti-aircraft missile system PAAMS

Bispectral thermal imaging seeker (TGSN) missiles MICA-IR, working in a range of 3-5 and 8-12mkm, developed by "Sagem Defense Segurite". TGSN comprises a matrix of sensitive parts in the focal plane, with unit DSP integrated cryogenic cooling system of a closed-type matrix. Cooling system TGSN receiver provides independent operation for 10 hours. Highest resolution and inclusive methods can perfectly accompany TGSN goal on huge distances and screen out thermal trap.

The missile is launched vertically, following a decline in the direction of the target using SUVT. VL MICA missiles used in the mode of capture target seeker after launch and has the highest range of more than 10km (according to several sources up to 20 km). Before the capture target homing missile is controlled by inertial control system according to the initial target indication transmitted to the missile. The data line is used to send commands to adjust to a rocket to the middle portion of the line of traffic to capture target seeker. The introduction of the principle of "fire and forget" allows excellent air defense system to counter saturation of the object when the massive attacks of air attack of the enemy. Rate of fire is two seconds. The launching of rockets carried out specifically transport-launch containers (TLC), which are used for their transport and storage. Each container has a length of 3.7 m and a weight of 400 kg in equipped condition.

Oman has adopted the first SAM VL MICA

For the detection of air targets and target designation can be used opto-electronic, general ship detection system (for the marine version) or any type of tri-radar "Giraffe-100" company "Ericsson", RAC 3-D office "Thales Raytheon Systems" and TRML- 3D firm EADS (for suhoputnogogo option). Hazard Assessment (combat means the enemy) is the combat information control system (CICS) ship carrier or command Fri complex, which then sends the results to the target distribution interface unit with a missile.

SAM VL MICA in ground form can be used stand-alone or integrated into a unified air defense system of the object by means of fiber-optic communication lines.

To organize SAM VL MICA on surface ships can be used unique launchers, vertical launchers SAM "VL Seawolf" and the vertical launch system SYLVER (SYSteme de Lancement VERtical), developed by DCNS. System SYLVER created for the launch of rockets of various types of anti-aircraft (Mica, VT1, Aster-15, Aster-30), defense (Standard-II Block IV), percussion (SCALP Naval, Tactical Tomahawk). Available sizes of four: A-35, A-43, A-50 and A-70. For the missiles VL MICA can be used in modules A-8 cells or 43 4 A-35 cells. Each module has its own channel degassing. The deck plate, cell hatches and hatch gas outlet channel — armored, sealed. Module A-43 has a length of 5.4m and weighs 7.5t. Pairing SAM VL MICA with CICS ship carrier is carried out on the digital channel network using a special electrical interface unit. On 8 launchers cells requires the 1st unit interface and 4 antennas band data "rocket ship."

The performance properties
The highest range, 10 km (20)
The highest rate of flight, M 3
The ceiling of combat deployment, m 9000
Dimensions missiles, mm:
— length of 3100
— diameter 160
— wingspan of 480
Up weight 112
Warhead weight, kg 12
Rate of fire, rds / c 2

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