On iPhone tracking software is installed


2.12.11.Issledovateli found on the iPhone tracking software, similar to that which had previously been found to "androidofonah." Cupertino company has promised to remove the scandalous software with the next update.

Tracking software company CarrierIQ, suddenly became popular in the press, were found on the iPhone. As the portal AllThingsD, Cupertino corporation representatives responded quickly to the scandal erupted, stating that "the diagnostic software» CarrierIQ is no longer used and will be removed with the next firmware update smartphone.

"We stopped supporting CarrierIQ software with the release of iOS 5 in most of our devices and completely remove it with the next update. In addition, for the transmission of diagnostic data to Apple, customers must confirm their agreement, and if they agree, the data is sent anonymously, encrypted and do not contain any personal information. We never recorded keystrokes, messages or any other personal information for diagnostic purposes, and do not plan to do so in the future, "- said in a statement, Apple, the resulting Editorial AllThingsD.

It became known that the tracking software used by mobile operators and developers of smart phones based on Android. Reported that the software records and sends to an unknown destination all keystrokes on the virtual keyboard, as well as texts and outgoing SMS-messages. Later, interested researchers found a similar software on smartphones Apple.

Source: "Ruformator"

"Androidofony" suspected of espionage

12.01.11. "Androidofony" may watch their owners, recording all keystrokes virtual keyboard and outgoing text messages to users. About espionage activity popular gadgets announced researcher who discovered the "rootkit" in the bowels of your device.

Smartphones based on the Android platform provided with the software to spy on their owners. The conclusion reached by a free researcher Trevor Eckhart (Trevor Eckhart), in the study of the capabilities of its staff. This writes the portal Cnet News.

Eckhart discovered the software developed by Carrier IQ, which can be installed on any machine, based on the operating system from Google. The program records keystrokes virtual keyboard smartphone and sends that data to an unknown destination. In particular, the researcher introduced the phone, he was sent to an unknown recipient even before the call was made.

Do not mince words, Eckhart called the software "rootkit" — a malicious program that secretly sends to third parties personally identifiable information. In response, Carrier IQ said that this program is a "diagnostic tool" that "allows companies to improve the quality of the network." Company demanded from the researcher to apologize for the fact that he "has called" their development of a "rootkit."

However, Carrier IQ withdrew when the researcher stood fund EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), whose representatives have stated that the study of Eckhart and comments are protected under copyright law.

Carrier IQ representative stressed that the program does not record keystrokes, does not read e-mail or SMS-messages, and in no way follows the owners of smartphones. However, the study refutes Trevor Eckhart at least part of these statements. Thus, the researcher recorded SMS-message with the text «hello world» was fully captured and sent "a diagnostic tool."

Full video scandal investigation can be found here.

Source: "Ruformator"

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