On Lake Nero began fish kills


17.02.12.Eto message, I think, so far can be considered as new. On Lake Nero, after heavy frosts of February — fish kills.

All the fish in the river now risen Sarah. Yesterday and today, February 17, 2012 Sarah, within the village. Porec-Fish goes fishing. More than a hundred cars are located on the river and the coastal streets.

From the Big Bridge down to Sarah — about 500 fishermen from Porec, Rostov, Rostov, Sts areas, Yaroslavl and Pereslavl, Moscow, Ivanovo region, there is even the representatives of St. Petersburg.
How to catch? On winter fishing rod solid scaffold on which a fairly large hook with a sinker and a small spoon, or just hook

Fish are slowly moving under the ice dense shoals. Depth in a small fishing — 1.5 — 1.6 m standing at the hole, the fisherman is continuously sweeps and every 3 — 5 minutes, he hooks a fish hook for any part of the body. Of course, more than half of production trifle bleak, roach and perch. However, catches pike, tench, bream, perch to 5 kg. A day of fishing a fisherman nadergivaet to 50 — 60 kg. Bag of fish and more.
Porechsky elderly, residents of the nearby houses to the river say that such Zamora was the last time in 1966 — 1967 — 1968. This is sometimes the case, Rostov winter fishing.
The first 15 pictures — shooting February 18, 2012 Saturday, a day off. Porec-Fish. People on the river, cars on the streets has increased in 3 — 4 times. Catch up and the Big Bridge, up the river to the village Ogarevo and Gus. Below the large bridge — to "first cooler" where Sarah comes out of Porec. Zamor — is bad. Fishermen say that in some places the bottom of the lake and the river completely covered with dead fish … It is also said that one reason for freeze was that supposed to Lake Nero flushed.

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