On Mars, found signs of modern local life




The European Mars Express orbiter has confirmed the discovery of methane in the Martian atmosphere, which is done in the past, astronomers conducting the observation of Martian spectra with the help of some of the largest telescopes in the world.

Methane in the Martian atmosphere is unstable, he lives in it for a very short time. So, this gas must be constantly replenished.

There are two possible its source. First — volcanism. The discovery of active volcanoes on Mars, it would without a doubt an important scientific event.

However, for all the observations of the planet with telescopes and space probes so there has never failed to detect active volcanic sources.

This means that even greater chance of getting the second version of the origin of methane — microbial life existing on Mars by now!

Some of terrestrial bacteria produce methane from hydrogen and carbon dioxide. These microbes do not need oxygen, and they are thought to scientists, is a type of bacteria that can live on Mars.

Working on the surface of the planet American robots will not be able to answer a question about a particular version of the origin of methane on Mars.

Necessary for such an analysis sensors will be incorporated in the U.S. and European mission.


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