On the coast of the United Kingdom found a dead whale

Na poberezh'e Velikobritanii nashli mjortvogo kita_2

February 20, 2013. Dead whale was found on the beach Soloway Firth UK. 17-meter giant lying on the sand in a small creek, near arranged on salmon nets. Presumably, the sad fate is not one individual, but this is the only whale, is found.

Veterinarians autopsy was performed in order to understand what killed marine master.

According to experts, whale, oddly enough, drowned. Presumably by following fish school, the young giant got lost and was disoriented and could not get back into the water and drowned in a tidal wave. The approximate age of the whale, scientists have determined the age of 15 at the time of his death, he weighed 25 tons.

Dead animals will dig somewhere behind the high tide to avoid getting the beach, when the carcass starts to decompose.

Na poberezh'e Velikobritanii nashli mjortvogo kita_1

Source: Meteovesti

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