On the disposal of ammunition


23.01.12.Zhiteli village Popovka Saratov District seriously thinking block the federal highway.

Such radical ideas villagers pushed recycling shells from multiple rocket launchers, which runs to a nearby landfill.

Elimination of old munitions began in 2009, but at first the locals is a little worried.

"Sensitivity began in the summer of 2010. First, we decided that we are fighting doctrine. But it turned out that this disposal ", — They told correspondent Saratovnews.

"The landfill is not intended for disposal of ammunition. It is from 2 to 12 miles from settlements Popovka, Sobrodovka, Bykovka, Mahin, Konstantinovka, Sosnovka, Ivanovo, Rybushka and 15 October. But crumbling houses mostly in Popovka and Sbrodovke "
, — Said one of the locals, adding that "Under our village is the formation of water — underground lake. Due to this, seismic vibrations, we are stronger than at the blast site. Because of this, the foundations of buildings collapsing, people are losing their property. "

"We, and the military itself, with whom we talked to believe that he (the ground) is not suitable for recycling shells. Nearby village — Sbrodovka. Its population is 109 people. Somewhere directly (from him) to the landfill, 3 km ", — Said the head of Saratovnews Rybushanskogo municipality Saratov region, which includes the village Popovka, Alexander Novikov, noting that all of the constant explosions affect more than three thousand people in neighboring villages with a polygon.

"We collected the meeting, meetings, wrote the treatment, were everywhere. The military prosecutor came, came the representative of the President. Moreover, at the time of arrival or check — how the game was. Explosions are normal, if so disposed of, we would be happy and quiet. Will be held the week after the test — all in a different perspective. And at the time of the fall, the military told: we need to eliminate all the ammunition, which are on the ground. Sometime in October-November, we suffered greatly. Gathered, the gathering had decided to let them dostrelyayut because the military said last shell destroy this year and nothing will occur. This was said prinarodno. And we believed ", — The head of the administration.

However, recycling of old shells continued into this year. "We have put before the fact. January 16 we collected Vice Governor Alexander Babichev, collected military prosecutor collected, the Security Council, the ministers present there. And there questions asked military. In general, I believe, and the area, and we were faced with the fact that there is an order for recovery of shells. That number will start with 20. Was asked this question: Does your recycling program, compensation for the damage caused to people? They said "no", we have a just order. That is no compensation for the destruction, accidents do not exist ", — Complained Novick, again noting that some of the houses in the villages destroyed by the explosions.

Now local residents are preparing to send a letter to President and Prime Minister. In addition, they claim that are prepared for drastic measures. "People brought to the extreme. What we can do on my own? Block the federal highway or go to the landfill, and boycott. They said they can not comply with the order. Let the blow and with peaceful citizens. We are ready ", — Saratovnews told by a local resident.

Source: Saratovnews

Sverdlovsk military began a planned destruction of obsolete ammunition

23.01.12.Pravda, this year there are two differences in the program — the shells are much larger (about 500,000 tons) and less explosions — the Corps of Engineers CVO has a new way to eliminate ammunition.

Here at Aduyskom landfill claim military region, is much safer than stocks of obsolete ammunition. While thundering explosions almost every minute, in the arsenal, where thousands of tons of storage are no longer used shells, detonation can occur more serious.

Andrey Gagloev: "Man-made factors are still valid. Great opportunity to knock, that's why we have to optimize the number of arsenals ".

To ensure the safety of civilians, the military decided to conduct active operations. The enemy — the old shells, the challenge — complete destruction. Struggle with obsolete stockpiles are more than one year, but now the battle has reached a new level. Scientists from the Institute of St. Petersburg developed a special gentle way to destroy ammunition.

Sergei Mikhalchuk: "Significantly reduced sound effect — noise below. It is marked by numerous tests. Blast wave does not exist, as there is no detonation of the main charge. Since there is no debris or expansion is minimal, it minimizes the risk of personnel ".

Demonstration experiment is carried out in the Sverdlovsk region. Decided to destroy missiles aimed small explosion. Thus, the ammunition does not detonate, but just fade. At the site is not to undermine even the funnel. Moreover, the process is much faster.

Fraiz Shelah: "The amount of ammunition to be destroyed this year, comparable to the level of the previous year. We will perform the task on time ".

This year, the military must be destroyed more than 500 tons of old shells will erode in several ranges, including the Aduyskom. However, the military rush to reassure local residents — barrage will continue until the first of February.

Anton Chistyakov

Source: OTV Yekaterinburg

In 2012, in the Samara region are again rattling explosions

20.01.12.V Central Military District, which includes the Samara Region, the program has started the destruction of obsolete ammunition.

Recall the dismantlement of missiles were conducted in the region in the past year. Explosions rattled the landfill Roshinsky to 20 October, causing discontent nearby residents. The sounds of distant explosions were heard in the city of Samara. Only at the sites of the Central Military District in the past year has been destroyed more than 400 tons of ammunition.

This year, according to the press service of the CVO, will recycle more than 500 tons. Prepared for this for more than 50 sites of undermining in the Volga, Urals and Siberian districts. In the Samara region, as confirmed in the headquarters of two armies, work will be conducted, as well as last year, Roshinsky. How much will destroy the missiles, is not specified. The exact date of the start of blasting operations in the region, also called the (currently under preparation work), but we know that the program will run until the end of the year.

"Blasting will take place in the daytime. Destruction of ammunition on Sundays and public holidays will not be made. Schedule for destruction at the sites of old shells made in such a way that people from the explosions had minimal discomfort, "- says a CVO.

In parallel with the preparation for disposal in the Central Military District tested a new device for the destruction of ammunition "Destroyer", which is 25 times reduces the force of the shock wave. Test "Destroyer" is now held at the site "red Aduy" in the Sverdlovsk region. If the tests are successful, the February 1, the device will be used on other landfills Military District.

Source: Samru.ru

Russian Ministry of Defense utilizes 1.5 million tons of munitions in the current year

MOSCOW, Jan. 23 — RIA Novosti. Divisions Corps of Engineers in 2012, disposed of more than 1.5 million tons of ammunition with expired shelf life, the same number of soldiers were killed last year, told reporters on Monday the Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov.

"In 2011, destroyed more than 1.5 million tons of ammunition with expired warranty period of storage. A comparable amount of ammunition will be destroyed in 2012, "- said Vlasov.

For munitions disposal in 2011 in training centers and military institutions engineering troops additionally trained more than 600 professionals. A total of 220 teams are involved, a total of about 1,700 soldiers.

Source: RIA Novosti

Material on the subject:
In January will dispose of ammunition

Let me remind you that recycling takes place in various countries around the world simultaneously, and so obviously it shows that the hard way this happens, the first reports of the impact of the explosions began receiving waste in 2009, but then they were very isolated but every year posts grew and the nature of tremors grew stronger, that is, every year lots of bookmarks simultaneous explosions increased, complaints from local residents were generally ignored citing an order from above, as far as I know, recycling is carried out in close proximity to large cities, and that it can lead to serious consequences, I think it is well known to those who gave the orders, but nevertheless, in spite of this, nothing changes would certainly be more logical to take out all the ammunition to remote areas where they would cause no inconvenience, but as motivated by the minutes of defense, transportation can cause arbitrary detonation, but also there are cases where one district ends ammunition comes from another train district and waste continues, I put forward the theory will not, for what and why it is all up to you.

Now there is information that the residents of Chelyabinsk margin again complain of tremors, but check it out or deny, I am unable to, due to the fact that the founder of the group "Earthquakes in Chelyabinsk" someone Andrew Bots limited my access to the group and that's why they write about people I do not I know.

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