On the Internet, a new type of fraud


17.01.12.Vash computer is locked, because you … a pedophile. Messages such contents have been many Internet users. Experts say about a new kind of fraud on the Internet.

During the launch of the Internet appears on the screen to block the system. Allegedly due to the user views the video with scenes of violence against children. Writer to kindly warn that to avoid responsibility for a crime you can, if you convert to a specified telephone number 500 rubles. Otherwise, the computer genius promise to destroy all files, and collect compromising to court. To give 18 hours of meditation. In such a screen lock specialists recognize one of the most common viruses. In one case out of a hundred to get rid of the problem will help restart the computer, but it's better to "cure" professionals. And in any case do not yield to provocations fraudsters and give them money.

Video link to the source

Source: STRC Southern Urals

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