On the island of Spitsbergen tomorrow can close the Doomsday Vault

February 26, 2013. So we call a seed bank of plants from around the world who gathered in a special bunker. He is able to survive a nuclear winter, meteorite strike, any cataclysm. So — vegetable crops will be saved. It remains lay in storage the last batch of seeds, including those from Russia.

Report correspondent of Channel Dmitry Pischuhina.

Dmitry Pischuhin correspondent. The Svalbard Archipelago, or in Norwegian Svalborg, one of the few places on the planet where the Day of Judgment for all mankind not to say hypothetically, and in practice. And discuss a variety of scenarios: the fall of the meteorite, nuclear war or global warming. Those lucky enough to Survive left a legacy of world-wide storage seeds — now blizzard and near close to him not to get close, but it is out of that mountain.

Utopia, which five years ago became a reality — in the case of a global catastrophe to prevent the destruction of crops. For watertight and explosion-proof doors kept … "stash" of humanity to black day.

After the incident in Russia Chelyabinsk, the apocalypse say quite seriously. Designers repository "Doomsday", seems to have provided it.

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"Noah's Ark" 21st century are not afraid of the earthquake, but within the natural refrigerator temperatures never rise above minus 18 degrees. In addition, the granary is located one hundred meters above sea level. In such circumstances, most of the seeds will survive even in a thousand years.

Organizers and sponsors of the project, which include Bill Gates, built a warehouse and a half years. Such haste was caused by a series of natural disasters in America and Southeast Asia. Without waiting for a global "Day of Judgment", the first seeds were taken here are the countries for which the threat of famine is particularly relevant.

The other day in Svalborg must come new models, including those from Russia and from. In the St. Petersburg Institute of Plant cell in the global depository seeds brought immediately after the opening — even five years ago. This time here went rare varieties of wheat, oats and soybeans.

Dziubenko Nicholas, director of the Institute of Plant: "There is a notion that you can not keep your eggs in one basket — a principle. There is the concept of duplication, particularly valuable to sample store in five places. "

At present, day there are more than a thousand genetic banks. Svalborgsky seed depository keeps half of this unique collection. It's about three million of the different seeds. Feed everyone in the short term, of course, will not work, but recovered enough for life on earth. Unless, of course, after the apocalypse at least someone will be able to survive … and get to the archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

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Ordinary Norwegians Doomsday do not think, though, and live on the "edge of the earth." It does not even put the car on the alarm system and do not close the doors of the houses — crime is almost zero. The only one who can scare people — it's a polar bear. Therefore Longerbyuene all armed to the teeth.

But the bear, as a species, seem to have nothing to fear, even after End of the world. If people survive, then there is the food and clubfoot.

Source: Channel Five

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