On the Pacific island of Niue meteorite exploded


Coast of the island of Niue (photo Wolfgang Kaehler / Corbis

8.08.11.Nochyu August 3 residents of Niue, the Pacific island of volcanic origin, is very disturbed by the loud sound that could be heard in the village Lakepa in the north-west coast, and in the village Avasele in the south-east (the island has a diameter of approximately 20 km) .

Local police chief Mark Chenery decided that the ship exploded in the harbor: "There was a rumble of thunder, but the sky was clear." Other islanders, who were away from home, talk about white light, which broke out in the sky.

Naturally, on the island with a population of 1200 people was the theme of the incident for gossip, which ceased only when contacted by a representative from the Chenery Carter Observatory in Wellington, and was told that on August 3 at about 20 km above the island large meteorite exploded.

Has the land any fragments of the celestial body, it is not clear, in any case there is no damage on the island, according to Agence France-Presse.

Text: Nikolai Tretyakov

Source: Kompyulenta

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